Pain Management Term- Anesthesia I

allodyniaperception of an ordinarily nonnoxious stimulus as pain
analgesiaabsence of pain perception
anesthesia dolorosapain in an area that lacks sensation



dysesthesiaunpleasant or abnormal sensation with or without a stimulus
hypalgesia (hypoalgesia)diminished response to noxious stimulation (e.g pinprick)
hyperalgesiaincreased response to noxious stimulation
hyperpathiapresence of hyperesthesia, allodynia, and hyperalgesia usually associated with overreaction, and persistence of the sensation after the stimulus.
hypesthesia (hypoesthesia)reduced cutaneous sensation (eg. light touch, pressure, or temperature)
neuralgiapain in the distribution of a nerve or a group of nerves
paresthesiaabnormal sensation perceived without an apparent stimulus
radiculopathyfunctional abnormality of one or more nerve roots
hyperesthesiaincreased response to mild stimulation.
anesthesiaabsence of all sensation

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