Major objective of computerization in banking

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Question: Who doesn't comes under low risk category under KYC guidelines?
A:Customer service
Answer: Option C -CBS
Detailed explanation
BANK COMPUTERISATION & Need for Bank Computerization

The four major objectives of computerization in banking are to improve:
(a) customer service     
(b) housekeeping
(c) decision-making      
(d) productivity and profitability.

Speed and accuracy are the hallmarks of computers. Computers have a vital role to play wherever there is a huge volume of transactions and the work needs completion within a specified period. 
The main objectives of computerization at the branch level is to improve customer service, quality of housekeeping and generation of data for better management control. At the regional and head office levels, the purpose of computerization is to store, analyse and retrieve data received from branches, generating information speedily, thereby strengthening the internal control over branches for policy formulation.

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