Satyam Interview Experience and Learnings -Technical

1.Numerical Ability- i told him that i m not very comfortable with it

2: cobol( i told him that i m not very comfortable with it)
3:virtual function
4:virtual class
5:friend function
6:protected access specifier, advantages
is it possible to access protected data member from friend function,class?
7:what is memory management?
8:what is paging?
9:what is deadlock?

  • what is a resource?
  • A file in the hard disc is a resource or not?
  • can it create a deadlock?
  • What is shell script?


10:mainframe computers
11: Different steps in SDLC?
What is an ERD?
How it helps us ? uses of it. example.
12:what is testing?
13:what is white box and what is black box testing?
14:what is system testing?
15: what r the diff sorting techniques u read so far?
16: when to use bubble and when to use quick sort?
17: what is the advantage of quicksort over bubble sort?
18: different data types in c
19: difference between long int and float.
20: what r the maximum numbers that can be stored in int and long int?



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