Placement Paper- Satyam -2

1. A Trinary number(Base 3) is given(i remember 211212). You have to convert it to Decimal.

2. Five figures are drawn and you have to tell the sixth figure.(Bank PO type question) Ans: choice 1

3. One circle, One triangle and Two rectangles are drawn in a jumbled way. You have find the area(or,length of a side) of some intersection.

4. A detailed description is given and on the basis of which one question was asked. I don't remember much but...i think the story goes like neckless has been stolen by one of the ten Persons(there names are given.....A says B has Stolen...B say C has Stolen like that....Only one of them is telling truth...So who has stolen the neckless.

5. One question was on Pipes and Cisterns.

6. A tent has conical roof and Cylindrical base. You have to find out the Surface Area. Dimension were given..Height of conical roof = 4.8 m, Diameter of Base= 9 m...


7. A $ B means "A is brother of B" , A*B means "A is father of B" A % B means "A is wife of B" on Which of the following option means that P is Father in law of U? then 5 optons were given with long

8. If 19+48 = 34 , 24 + 48 = 24 56 + 23 = ?

9. If D means "less than" F means "not greater than" Cmeans " Equals To" etc......Then two expressions were given in this notation and you have to deduce theresultant expression (obviously in same notation)..easiest question....attempt it first.

10. A figure was drwan showing the Flight Route of a Mine Vehicle along with the probability of Accidents
in diffenrent regions of the Route as well as the time taken by the vehicle to cross that region. You have to
find the region where the Chances of Accident is least.




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