Placement Paper- Satyam -4

1.A bullet was shot from the same rifle at an angle of 30' it reached maximum point in ascent in 18 sec. What was the initial speed of bullet ?

2.Two simple passages . To comprehend the missing assumptions in it

3.Find the next term in this series

4.There is 24% increase in Income tax rate.It leads to 1% decrease in overall income .What is the rate of tax ?

5.If after B every alternate alphabet is in small letters how will you write the day coming two days monday ?

6.If APPROVE is YQNSMWC What is ----------( I don't remember what was  required to be answered but the scheme of the question was going one
step backward and leaving one alphabet and the next alphabet is next to the alphabet that is in the question)

7.There was another simple question in which sum of the alphabets was the answer.

8.There are 3 green,4 white and 5 blue balls in a box. Waht is the probability of drawing a single blue or white ball in a draw?

9. A boy goes 20 m North then turns left and goes further 10 m after  which he again turns left and moves 20 m. Now how far is he from his
house?  This question had two answers which had to be looked carefully
(a)10 m West
(b)10 m, West
Only one of this is correct

10.if 3 persons can do work in......., then how much can 9 workers do  in 2 days (this type of question)


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