Placement Paper- Infosys -Analytical paper

Analytical paper(Duration:60 min)

1. In a singles tennis tournament,111 players are participating. For each game they will use a new ball.If any player
looses his match,he will be rejected from the game.then,how many balls are required for the entire game in order to find out the winner.
(3 marks) 110

2.In a rack there are some ties of different colurs as follows. 17 green, 11 yellow, 9 blue, 2 orange,7 red. In dark,how many ties should we extract in order to
have two ties of same colour?
(4 marks)(6)

3.In a company there are 29060 employees. 60%read Daily news.
45% read Indian express.
40% read times of india.
25% read both hindu& indian express.
30% read both indian express and times of india.
10%read both hindu and times of india.
5%read all the paers. then find
a. How many read only hindu?
b.How many read only indian express and times of india?
c.How many do not read news paers at all?
(4 marks) spider is spinning an area of window.It takes 30 days to complete the entire frame provided the condition is it will spin the same area in the next day as that of the previous day.  If 2 spiders do this work,then how many days willthose take provided the area spinned by one spider is
equal to that of the other. (29 days)(4 marks)

5.There  are 5 persons lying in one cottage area. mr.brown,, Mr.grey, Mr. plumb, There are some clues were given about their living areas and ages. At last we have to find out their respective ages and living areas.(GRE analytical type) (8 marks)

6.Mr.Tom has 3 children.The conversation between him and his friend George was going like this. Tom: product of their ages is 36.
The son is elder than each of his sisters by more than one year. Can u find their ages?
(4,3,3)(4 marks)

7.The seating arrangement in a theatre is given by means of some clues.
There are 5 men(l,m,n,p,q) and 5 women(s,t,u,v,w).
1. men will sit in the odd numbered seats.
2......(GRE analytical type) (8 marks)

8.There was a cricket match and the description of the no. of wickets taken by 3 plaers b,v,p are as follows.
Either B takes 5 wickets and v takes 3 or p takes a wicket more than v. Either B takes half of total wickets or One player is
run out. Using these, find out the no.of wickets taken by each player.
(6 marks) ans:4,3,2

9.Gre type like if 2 of 4 say lies then find the correct one provided the clues given by each of them.
(8 marks)



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