IAS Exam Papers-Main - Psychology (Paper -II) 2000

Psychology - 2000 (Main) (Paper - II) Time Allowed : Three Hours Maximum Marks : 300

Q. 1.  Answer any three of the following (each answer should not exceed 200 words) :
(a) Briefly describe the classification of psychological discorders.
(b) Show your acquaintance with atleast am one theory of group behaviour.
(c) Show conceptual relationship between social change and organizational change.
(d) How can cognitive therapy help a person develop his cognition ?

Q. 2. There have been various leadership and management theories and styles. Which one of them do you consider to be the most suitable in the Indian condition ? Give reasons.

Q. 3. Discuss Maslow's theory of need-hierarchy. Can Maslow's theory be applied-to industries ?

Q. 4. What is stress? Can you suggest some Indian techniques for stress management ? Elaborate.


Q. 5. Answer any three of the following (each answer should not exceed 200 words) :

(a) Describe the concept of deprivation.

(b) Give your idea about nosological systems of metal disorders.

(c) How can you motivate people to achieve ?

(d) Discuss the impact of television in opinion formation.

Q. 6. Highlight the problems of alcoholism and drug addiction. Suggest measures to fight them.

Q. 7. Discuss the psychological theories and contributions of psychology in effective advertising.

Q. 8. What is organizational communication ? What will be the form of organizational communication in the 21st century because of the advent of information technology ?

Each question is printed both in Hindi and in English. Answers must be written in the medium specified in the Admission Certificate issued to you, which must be stated clearly on the cover of the answer-book in the space provided for the purpose. No mark will be given for the answers written in a medium other than that specified in the Admission Certificate. Candidates should attempt questions 1 and 5 which are compulsory, and any THREE of the remaining questions selecting at least ONE question from each Section.  All questions carry equal marks.

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