Testing Interview Questions(91_120)



  1. How do you promote the concept of phase containment and defect prevention?
  2. Co-existence testing
  3. Benifits of automation frame work
  4. Pond approach and mirror approach
  5. While conducting your testing on the data entry page you start to get an error message that stops you from being able to progress testing. Q. What kinds of tests would you perform to try and isolate where...
  6. How you will select the 100 test cases for regression testing from the existing 1500 total test cases?
  7. Pond approach
  8. Isolate the problem
  9. What are the bugs that you have found in your testing career? Name the most critical one.
  10. What is rapid testing?
  11. What is meant by context driven testing?
  12. What are automation testing tools for people soft testing (except manual of course) ?
  13. What is object of testing
  14. What is pair testing?
  15. Which is the best model in testing?Which model is used by most of the company's?
  16. What is the difference between application testing and web based testing
  17. What is nightly build approach?Why we use it?
  18. What is severity and priority and who will decide what?Can automation testing replace manual testing? If it so, how?What ifs the difference between defect, error, bug, failure, fault?What is the diff between...
  19. What type of testing you are doing ? What type of process is going on at your company ? What is the meaning of test strategy and what it defines ? What are the key components in...
  20. What is the difference between business requirement document/functional requirement specification/software requirement specification.
  21. What is end to end testing
  22. For notepad application can any one write the functional and system test cases?
  23. What are the main columns in test case?
  24. How to handle Changing requirements in Testing
  25. Business analyst, developers and testers
  26. What is e-learning testing?
  27. What is the value of a testing group? How do you justify your work and budget?
  28. What is scenario?Give a simle example of scenario for sending a mail?
  29. What are the methods used in metrics and test plan
  30. What is silo structure in testing

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