Testing Interview Questions(60_90)



  1. Driver and stub
  2. Exploratory testing
  3. Alpha and beta testing.
  4. Risk project
  5. Non understandable requirement
  6. Prevent defects
  7. Integration testing
  8. Root cause analysis
  9. What are the 4 reports you will submit after testing has been completed
  10. What is the difference between peer review and peer to peer review
  11. What is the roll up in testing
  12. Claims processing
  13. Most embarrassing moment
  14. Regression testing and re-testing
  15. What is a test procedure ?
  16. Integration test
  17. Defect responsibility
  18. Ad-hoc testing
  19. Good business sense
  20. Statement and branch coverage
  21. What is the one key element of 'test case'?
  22. Trend analysis
  23. Test process improvement
  24. Which of the following statements about regression statements are true?
  25. Project is completed. Completed means, now uat testing going, in that situation as a tester what will you do?
  26. Bug in production environment
  27. How do you prepare boundary value analysis and equivalence class partitions for yahoo userid.
  28. What is calability testing?What are the phases of the calability testing?
  29. What are test bugs?
  30. If testing period is decreased from 9 months to 2months due to client requirement ,how will you go about testing & cover the maximum coverage?


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