Testing Interview Questions(121_150)

QUESTION 121_150

  1. What is a good requirement ?
  2. Which of the following testing techniques is not user oriented 1. Black box 2. White box 3. Functional 4. Integration
  3. What is the usability checklist for web application ?
  4. Have you used msvc? What do you think of it?
  5. Effectively mentor testing staff
  6. Testers and quality control
  7. What is test case analysis?
  8. Who are the three stake holders in testing?
  9. Difference between session issues and functionality issues
  10. What are non document techniques in testing
  11. 0What are the management tools we have in testing?
  12. Open source tools for desktop application
  13. How will you select a models (like spiral, v-model) for a particular project?
  14. Upgrade and new versions
  15. What happens to the test plan if the application has a functionality not mentioned in the requirements?
  16. Why do we need testers not developers for testing?
  17. what is Sdlc
  18. A defect occured in version 1 but it raises in version 5 then what you have to do?
  19. What are Microsoft 6 rules for doing gui/user interface testing?
  20. What is one key element of the testcase?
  21. What is the one key element of a test plan?
  22. Can we write functional testcase based on only brd or only use case ?
  23. Remove defects in production
  24. What is the system level testing? What are the system level test cases?
  25. What is the difference between software application and software product?
  26. Is there any difference between testing strategies for a product and a project separately?Can a tester who is working for a project based company, switch to product based company?What are the necessary...
  27. What are the basic guidelines to test a financial application systems
  28. How do you test deadlock condition/situation?
  29. What is the difference between synchronization, delay and wait.
  30. What is the basic difference between user acceptance & beta testing when both testing are done by end user.

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