Testing Interview Questions(151_180)

QUESTION 151_180


  1. How to plan testing in the absence of requirements?
  2. What are the cmm1 standards followed in a company?
  3. What are the steps to prepare test harness in solaris environment
  4. Can you write customized check point if so how?
  5. How much time is/should be allocated for testing out of total development time based on industry standards?
  6. Examples of unresolved and closed bugs and who is responsible for the completeness / correctness of document
  7. What should you test when application/program performs slowly?
  8. Testing difficulty
  9. What are the criterias used to differentiate CMMI/pCMMI companies and six sigma
  10. What is a failure if a program doesn't work correctly?
  11. What is the difference between srs and pdr
  12. Role of configuration controller
  13. Application re-test
  14. During the start of the project how will the company come to an conclusion that tool is required for testing or not?
  15. What are the test cases prepared by the testing team
  16. Which methodology u follow in ur testcase?
  17. How to test the product's specification to find bugs before they make it into the software.
  18. how is estimation done in general ? Does it depend on the complexity please explain with a dummy example I want an idea. It is very urgent
  19. The user is expected to enter an integer value into each of the three text fields. Upon hitting the ok button the program will print a message in a separate dialog box stating whether the triangle is scalene...
  20. What is diffrence b/w test cases and used cases
  21. Have you ever converted test scenarios into test cases?
  22. What technical environments have you worked with?
  23. Whats the difference b/w repetition testing and retesting?
  24. How is test estimation done?
  25. What is the differnce between walktrough and inspection?
  26. What are the top ten qualities a tester should have?
  27. Testers sensible goal
  28. What is the difference between enhancement and defect?
  29. What are white box testing techniques with respect to development in cobol
  30. In functional testing, test cases are derived from requirements specs. So what are test cases for database, performance, stress, security, gui and other types of tests derived from? What documentation...

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