Testing Interview Questions(181_210)

QUESTION 181_210

  1. Is the dynamic testing a functional testing?
  2. What exactly is heuristic checklist approach for unit testing?
  3. What is cmm levels and differences and what CMMI?
  4. System testing comes first or sanity testing comes first?
  5. What is difference between cvs and vss?
  6. What is a test scenario?
  7. What is pre-condition(limitation)?
  8. What is the diff between build and version
  9. What are the relations and differences between testing and debugging?
  10. What makes the test script a good script or bad script. How can you tell just by looking at the script?
  11. Describe how the structural/basis testing applies the given control flow graph of a program for test case design
  12. Do you recommend change control for the scripts? What recommendation would you make for this?
  13. what is equivalence partitioning and boundary value analysis? Please explain with an example with a real time scenario?
  14. what is the difference between bug , defect, and issue?
  15. what is Role of configuration controller in testing
  16. What is business process in software tesing
  17. When an application is given for testing,with what initial testing the testing will be started and when are all the different types of testing done following the initial testing?
  18. What is the criteria for the success of a software project.
  19. What are test data generation tools? Have you ever used someone?Explain briefly.
  20. With multiple testers how does one know which test cases are assigned to them?folder structure test process
  21. What kind of things does one need to know before starting an automation project?
  22. Test case using manual parametrization
  23. Agile development
  24. What are the entry criterias for automation testing?
  25. Sdlc models testing
  26. What is test bed?
  27. What various measurement and analysis activities can be performed in product development?
  28. Polytronic version control system
  29. What is the difference between system testing and end-to-end testing ?
  30. What is a framework in testing?

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