Cardiac Rhythym Strip Analysis

EKG paper each small block =____0.04 seconds (1 small block)
EKG paper 5 small blocks =____0.20 seconds (1 large block)
P wave representsatrial depolarization or atrial contraction



Abnormal P waves would be seen with which dysrhythmias?PAC’s, sinus block/arrest, Aflutter, AFib
Causes of Abnormal P waves?Atrial hypertrophy, hyperkalemia, PAC’s
PR interval represents?conduction through the AV node, slowed conduction allowing time for the ventricles to fill
Length of normal PR interval?0.12-0.20secs (3-5 small boxes)
PR interval is Measured frombeginning of P wave to beginning of QRS complex
Abnormally long PRI >0.20 would be seen with which dysrhythmia?First degree heart block
QRS representsventricular depolarization or ventricular contraction
Length of normal QRS?0.06-0.10seconds or <0.12secs (< 3 small boxes)
Abnormally long QRS >0.12secs would be seen with?Interventricular conduction delays, Left Bundle Branch Block(LBBB)
T wave represents?ventricular repolarization
Cause of Abnormal Tall Peaked T waves is?Hyperkalemia
Tall peaked T waves would be seen with?MI, BBB
ST elevation or depression is this normal or abnormal?abnormal
ST elevation or depression is seen with?Ischemia or Injury (MI)
QT interval represents?total depolarization and repolarization of the ventricles
Length of normal QT interval?<0.40secs
Abnormally long QT interval >0.40 is caused by?Hypocalcemia, hypothyroid, Amiodorone(Meds), MI
Abnormally long QT interval would be seen with?Life threatening dysrhythmias, MI
What is the Easy method for determining the heart rate from the EKG strip?number of R waves in 6sec strip X 10
What is the most accurate method for determining the heart rate from the EKG strip?1500 divided by number of small blocks between R waves

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