Adult Health II

safety starts with the __environment
includes all of the many physical and psychosocial factors that influence or affect the life and survival of that clientenvironment
what are the basic needs for safety?oxygen, nutrition, and temperature



is a colorless, odorless, poisonous gas produced by the combustion of carbon or organic fuelscarbon monoxide
what are the main physical hazards?lightening, obstacles, BR, secrurity
___ most serious health consequneces from fallsfractures
third leading cause of deathfires and burns
is hyperexcitation and idsorderly discharge of neurons in teh brain leading to a sudden, violent, involuntary series of muscle contractions that is paroxysmal and episodicseizure
a bright light, smell, tasteaura
data about the client's level of wellness to determine if any underlying conditions exist that pose threats to safetynursing history
is a human, mechanical, and/or physical device that is used with or without the client's permission to restrict his or her freedom of movement or normal access to a person's body and is not a usual part of txrestraint
restraint device on the legambularm
bed exit alarm systembed check
category for fire extinguisher for use on wood, cloth, paper, plastic, etctype A
category for fire extinguisher for flammable liquidstype B
category for fire extinguisher for electrical equpimenttype C
what is the best intervention with dealing with fires?to prevent them

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