Reasons Why You Need to Continuously Invest in Your Career

  • You want to be a most valued player.  The career game has changed.  Gone are the days of getting a job and retiring from that job. The informal contract between employer and employee has disappeared. Employers are no longer providing employees with a lifetime job.  We are all responsible for our own jobs and career paths.  Creating your personal brand and marketing yourself is essential to succeeding in the new career game.  Making an investment in a marketing/ personal branding video about your accomplishments and value is well worth the money spent.  You can promote yourself on all social media channels.
  • You want to keep your options open.  The average person stays in a job 2-5 years. If this statistic isn’t reality to you yet, it soon will be.  Ask yourself these questions.


“What are the chances of the organization you now work for being bought or merged?”  “How will it affect my job?”  Ignoring these possibilities leaves you very vulnerable and unprepared. Investing in your skill set and identifying the needs in marketplace will serve you wel


  • You want to be marketable at all times.  Understanding that marketplace changes are happening faster than ever before reinforces your need to continually invest in your marketability.  Organizations are facing global competition so they will continue to trim “fat” from business processes and payrolls.  Investing in training and sharpening your technical skills gives you the edge over competition.  Mastering interpersonal communication skills (reading, writing, listening and critical thinking) are mandatory.  Even more critical is your ability to spot client needs sometimes even before they know what they need.  Learning to partner with your customer keeps you marketable and in demand.
  • You want to keep your sanity. This may sound weird, but worrying about getting and keeping your job can drive you right off the nearest cliff.  Take the energy that you’re putting into worry and stress and put it to good use by becoming a continuing education master.  Commit to learning and broadening your expertise.

Invest in yourself and your career.  You’re worth it!


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