Tips to prepare for INFOSYS TEST - Placement Papers and Pattern

For INFOSYS TEST, practise puzzles from books by George Summers, Shakuntala Devi And Ravi Narula. There r two different books by Shakuntala Devi.

You need not solve all puzzles just some selective ones,if u r not able to select, take a look on Infy's previous papers

In the beginning, if you are not able to solve the puzzles.. look back for answers  then, u'll understand how to approach a puzzle.
When u develop an approach to solve the puzzles... move to Infy's previous papers and practice the papers with a time limit i.e. solve each paper within the given time which is 1 hr. Time-bound preparation will really help u to manage time during the exam. But if you have lesser time to prepare, straightaway start off with Infy papers, also do time-bound practices.

The test also has an English section of half an hour.The english section is very easy,need not prepare if u have a normal standard of English else u need to prepare. It mainly chks ur grammatical skills- filling prepositions, correct form of verb, knowledge of tenses, finding the correct sentence out of two similar sentences, finding the correct sentence out of three or four given sentences (which may not be similar),..... etc.

The aptitude (puzzles) test has questions varying from 9 to 11 questions in each paper. Usually, it has 10 questions in 1 hour. The English test has 45 questions in 1/2 hour.

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