Placement Paper- Satyam -1

1.Father age was the same as of son now,  when son was born. Now father is 38 then what is the age of son 5 years back.

2.For gravelling floor with bed area the cost of gravelling bed area and the remaining are of the floor are 3 rs and 4 rs resectivel. If the length and width of the floor is 13 then what is the length of the bed area.

3.A is father of C. D is daughter of H. Gis the son of A. H is the wife of C. F is the daughter of C. Then how is D is related to G.

5. In how amy two factors can you get the value 8064   i. 20 ii. 21 iii. 24  iv. None of these

6. A train is 20% faster than car. They started from A and reaced B at the same time. The thain is with 12.5 min stoppages. What is the speed of the car

i.  50 ii. 55 iii.60  iv. None of these

7. seating arrangements with A to H and some with some conditions.

9. one question on cylinder but the numbers are in points

10. one table is given with the roduct and revenues. We have to find the % rev more than the previous year.



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