Placement Papers - TCS - Verbal - Synonyms 6

Directions for questions 1-15:Find the synonyms of the following words.
Synonyms: (Ref: Barron’s Synonyms and Antonyms)                                               
Ponderous – heavy, tedious, cumbersome
Mundane – ordinary, dull, monotonous, dreary
Icon – image, idol, emblem, symbol
Brackish – salty, briny
Mollify – placate, pacify, calm, appease, soothe
Depreciation – reduction, decline
Equanimity – composure, poise, calmness, self-control
Gist – general idea, substance, essence
Gaudy – garish, flashy, extravagant, loud, showy, colorful
Awry – skewed, crooked, wrong

Repartee – banter, joking, word play
Boisterous – energetic, animated
Ungainly – clumsy, awkward, ungraceful, miserly, mean, inelegant, gawky
Whimsical – fanciful, unusual, quirky, capricious
Asperity – roughness, severity, brusqueness
Cavil – quibble, complain, niggle, split hairs, carp
Quixotic – idealistic, romantic, dreamy, unrealistic, impracticable
Profound – deep, intense, thoughtful, reflective, philosophical, weighty, insightful
Incorrigible - habitual, persistent, inveterate, hopeless
Musty – mildewed, moldy, stale, rank, fusty, stuffy
Waif – stray, thing, lose, urchin, orphan
Irk – displease, vex, annoy, trouble, bother, nag, rile
Interdict – prohibit, veto, injunction, bar, embargo
Cohere - hold together
Rupture - break
Moribund – dying, declining, waning
Décolleté – low necked, revealing
Callow – inexperienced, immature, youthful
Balmy – mild, clement, pleasant
recalcitrant – unruly, disobedient, obstinate, stubborn
guile – cunningness, deviousness, slyness, cleverness, wiliness, astuteness


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