Placement Papers - TCS - Verbal - Synonyms 5

1.Harbinger – forerunner, portent, indication
2.Cacophony – dissonance, disharmony
3.Divulge – reveal, disclose
4.Clutch – grasp, grab, clasp, hold
5.Acronym – short form, contraction, ellipsis
6.Illustrious – memorable, well–known, famous
7.Prolific – productive, abundant

8.Divergent – different, deviating, conflicting
9.Jaded – world-weary, tired, lackluster, worn-out, exhausted, bored, fed up
10. Mien – appearance, demeanor
11. Mitigate – alleviate, ease, lessen, soften, allay, moderate
12. Ambitious – determined, grand, striving
13. Aberration – deviation, abnormality, eccentricity, oddness
14. Foray – raid, sortie, incursion, attack, venture
15. Denounce – condemn, accuse, criticize




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