Placement Paper - TCS

1. 3 angles or 3 sides r given.Which will form a triangle?
2. units of basic quantities :
1. (energy * time * time )/(mass * dist) = distance
2. (momentum * velocity)/(force * time) = velocity
3.”&” is for doubling the value “%” is for change of sign then what is the value
5-&%&5 Ans-30 (Check)
3. 58,27,12,x,2,1. Find x.
4. R-rounding off, M-modulus, T-truncate   M(893,10)+r( )+t( ) is asked
5.vertices edges and surfaces of a cube Ans-8,12,6
6.Sums on Recursive functions
7.Questions on General computer awareness
Pick the odd one…..
1.http 2.arp 3.snmp Ans-sap
1.linux NT 3.sql server 4.Unix Ans-Sql server Another…..ans-Smtp
8. Which of the following is a singular matrix. (Determinant must be zero)
9. Aeroplane is flying at a particular angle and latitude,after some time another latitude is given..(8 hrs later), u r asked to find the local time of the place.
10.a series of letters are given
how many Ws r followed by F and preceded by T.
11. 7,9,13,_,27,37. Ans-19
12.SURFW Code is translated as SHEET…..
13.194 base 10 = ____ base 5 (1234)
14.Largest prime no. in a 6 bit,8 bit (Ans 127),9 bit microprocessor
15.Venn Diagram kinda ques.
Some know English, some French,some German……how many know two languages…..
16.Bar Diagram, Pie Chart (similar to Data interpretation)
17.Code Interchanging, A word is given…. Letters are reversed..u r asked to find the nth letter from right or left….
18. Sums on logarithms, e power x curves.
19.n=68 x 12 x 51
Which of the follg is not an integer Ans- n/122
20.Which is a/not a power of 2 or 3.
Power of 4 Ans-4096
21. A-- 1 0 10 10 (Not exact values)

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