Placement paper pattern- VISUAL SOFT

  • Pattern is 1 to 40 questions are APTITUDE and they all were very very basic ones
  • These 40 questions are again can be divided into quant , logic reasoning, Verbal (3 to4 questions) and General knowledge which can be easily solved
  • Next 30 questions are from JAVA - Keep concentrating on declaration, garbage collection and exceptions....and array declarations and 5 to 6 program outputs.....
  • Next 30 Questions are from c,c++,.Net and DataBase.....
  • .Net there will be only 3 to 4 questions on it
  • C ad c++ questions were all basic....about DATABASE
  • Concentrate on DCL,DML,DDL statements and the properties of them..
  • TOTAL 100 questions -Just prepare for JAVA (SUN MICROSOFT MOCK TESTS)



Hope this helps ..

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