INFOSYS INTERVIEW Experience and Learnings

Basically what they look for in Infosys interview is ur confidence, ur communication skills, ur presentability, ur presence of mind, and ur approach in solving puzzles.

They also look for team management skills... i.e. how would u cope with a problem in a team, how wud u react to a particular crisis or unhappy result in the team, how wud u behave in a team.
For me, first they asked me to speak abt myself, which usually includes-where ur parents r working, from where u did ur schooling.. college... ur strengths, weaknesses and hobbies.. etc....

Then they asked me three puzzles.....

1) There are three friends staying in three rooms in a hotel.. they don't wish to share their ages among themselves... how wud u calculate the average of their ages??

Ans: They'll not share among themselves.... but u can ask their ages n calculate the average !!

2) How wud u plant four trees at equidistance??

Ans: They never asked u to place all four in one plane !!!!
Plant three trees at the vertices of an equilateral triangle.... then place the fourth one at a equi-distance from all three above that plane..... i.e. at the top of the pyramid.....

3) There is a cubical room... a spider is sitting at one of the corners of the room..... the spider has to move to the corner which is diagonally opposite to this corner?? Find out the path he shud take up so that he has to move the least distance to reach the diagonally opposite corner.

Ans: U'll find it in Ravi Narula or Shankuntala Devi's puzzle book along with the figure.....
One possible answer is:
The spider will move diagonally across the first wall and then move along the side of the second wall or vice-versa.

After this they asked me abt my final yr project.... they were not interested in what work i did but in team management..... they asked me whether i worked in a team?? I had.... so they asked me to give instances of flops and successes in the team work.... they asked to give reasons why we failed or succeeded??
Don't blame ur team members for ur failures or praise urself for successes.... this is not the attitude of a good team member....


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