Formula list of figures

Name FigurePerimeterArea in square
Rectanglea = length
b = breadth
2(a + b)ab
Squarea = side4aa^2
1/2 (diagonal)^2
Parallelograma = side
b = side adjacent to a
h = distance between the opp. parallel sides
2(a + b) ah
Rhombusa = side of rhombus;
d1,d2 are the two diagonals
QuadrilateralAC is one of its diagonalsand h1, h2 are the altitudes on AC from D, B respectively.Sum of its four Sides1/2 (AC) (h1 + h2)
Trapeziuma, b, are parallel sides and h is the distance between parallel sidesSum of its four sides1/2 h(a + b)
Triangleb is the base and h is the altitude.a, b, c are three sidesa + b + c = 2s1/2 b × h
s(s - a)(s -b)(s - c)
Right triangled^2(hypotenuse)= b^2 + h^2b + h + d1/2 bh
Equilateral trianglea = side
h = altitude =root(3)/2 a
3a(i)1/2 ah
(ii)root(3)/4 a^2
Isosceles Trianglec = unequal side
a = equal side
2a + cC* root(4a^2 - c^2)/ 4
Isosceles Right Triangled(hypotenuse)= a Root(2)
a = Each of equal sides.
The angles are 90,45, 45.
2a + d1/2 a2
Circler = radius of the circle p- =22/7 or 3.14162pi r pi* ^2
Semicircler = radius of the circlepr + 2r1/2*pi*r^2

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