IAS Exam Papers-Prelim - General Studies 2000

General Studies - 2000 (Preliminary Examination) Time Allowed : Two Hours                                                                Maximum Marks : 300

1. Insect-resistant cotton plants have been genetically engineered by inserting a gene from a/an
(a) virus         (b) bacterium
(c) insect        (d) plant

2. The Swarna Jayanti Shahari Rozgar Yojana which came into operation from 1-12-1997 aims to provide gainful employment to the urban unemployed or underemployed poor but does not include
(a) Nehru Rozgar Yojana
(b) Urban Basic Services Programme
(c) Prime Minister's Integrated Urban Poverty Eradication Programme
(d) Prime Minister's Rozgar Yojana

3. Soft drinks such as colas contain significant quantities of
(a) caffeine         (b) nicotine
(c) tannin            (d) renin

4. Consider the following statements regarding the Chakiarkoothu form of dance :
1. It is performed by Chakiar caste.
2. It cannot be traditionally witnessed by the higher caste Hindus.
3. Mizhavu is the accompanying instrument.
4. Its theatre form is called koothambalam.
Which of these statements are, correct ?
(a) 1, 3 and 4           (b) 1, 2 and 3
(c) 2, 3 and 4           (d) 1, 2 and 4

5. Consider the following pictures of a dice

What is the number opposite 3 ?
(a) 1              (b) 4       (c) 5              (d) Data insufficient

6. Match List I with List II and select the correct answer
List I (Minerals)                        List II (Major producer)
A. Mineral Oil                                 1. Zambia
B. Copper                                       2. Guyana
C. Manganese                                 3. Venezuela
D. Bauxite                                       4. Gabon
A      B     C      D          A      B     C      D
(a) 3       1     4       2    (b)   3      1      2      4
(c) 1       3     2       4    (d)   1      3      4      2

7. Which one of the following does a TV remote control unit use to operate a TV set ?
(a) Light waves         (b) Sound waves
(c) Microwaves        (d) Radio waves

8. Consider the following statements :
The Indian rupee is fully convertible
1. in respect of Current Account of Balance of Payment
2. in respect of Capital Account of Balance of Payment
3. into gold
Which of these statements is/are correct ?
(a) 1 alone           (b) 3 alone
(c) 1 and 2           (d) 1, 2 and 3

9. Who among the following streamlined the Maratha administration after Sambhaji ?
(a) Raja Ram          (b) Balaji Viswanath
(c) Ganga Bai         (d) Nanaji Deshmukh

10. Hybridoma technology is a new biotechnological approach for commercial production of
(a) monoclonal antibodies            (b) interferon
(c) antibiotics                               (d) alcohol

11. Match List I (Books) with List II (Authors) and select the correct answer
List I                                                  List II
A. My Music, My Life                      1. Laxman Gaikwad
B. Adha Gaon                                   2. Rahi Masoom Raza
C. Radha                                          3. Ramakanta Rath
D. The Pilferer                                   4. Ravi Shankar
A      B      C     D         A      B     C     D
(a) 3       2       4     1   (b)   4      2      3     1
(c) 4       1       3     2   (d)   3      1      4     2

12. Examine the following relationships among members of a family of six persons A, B, C, D, E and F
1. The number of males equals that of females.
2. A and E are sons of F
3. D is the. mother of two, one boy and one girl.
4. B is the son of A.
5. There is only one married couple in the family at present.
Which one of the following inferences can be drawn from the above ?
(a) A, B and C are all females             (b) A is the husband of D
(c) E and F are children of D               (d) D is the granddaughter of F

13. Which one of the following is knows as the "Coffee port" of the world ?
(a) Sao Paulo             (b) Santos
(c) Rio de Janeiro       (d) Buenos Aires

14. Resurgent India Bonds were issues in US dollar, Pound, Sterling and
(a) Japanese Yen           (b) Deutsche Mark
(c) Euro                         (d) French Franc

15. The given diagram shows the number of students who failed in an examination comprising papers in English, Hindi and Mathematics. The total number of students who took the test is 500. What is the percentage of students who failed in atleast two subjects ?
(a) 6.8      (b) 7.8                           
(c) 34       (d) 39

16. At which one of the cities labelled as A, B, C and D on the given map of Europe was the historic treaty between NATO and Warsaw Pact countries signed in 1998 ?

(a) A        (b) B       (c) C             (d) D

17. Match List I (Power generation plant) with List II (Feed material) and select the correct answer :
List I                                         List II
A. Ws Gowthami Solvents Oil           1. Rice husk
Limited, Andhra Pradesh
B. M/s K.M. Sugar Mills, Uttar         2. Slaughter-house
Pradesh waste
C. M/s Satia Paper Mills, Punjab       3. Distillery spent wash
D. M/s Al Kabeer Exports                 4. Black liquor
Limited, Andhra Pradesh
A      B     C      D            A    B     C     D
(a) 3       1      2      4      (b)   3    1      4     2
(c) 1       3      4      2      (d)   1    3      2     4

18. In a certain code, MARCH is written as OCTEJ, how is RETURN written in that code ?
(a) TFUVSM                 (b) QGSTQM
(c) TGVWTP                 (d) TGRVSO

19. The given map refers to the kingdom of

(a) Akbar at the time of capture of Khandesh in 1601
(b) Akbar at the time of his death in 1605
(c) Aurangzeb at the time of capture of Hyderabad
(d) Aurangzeb at the time of his death in 1707

20. The sensation of fatigue in the muscles after prolonged strenuous physical work is caused by
(a) a decrease in the supply of oxygen
(b) minor wear and tear of muscle fibres
(c) the depletion of glucose
(d) the accumulation of lactic acid

21. Consider the following events
1. Reign of Krishna Deva Raya of Vijayanagara.
2. Construction of Qutab Minar.
3. Arrival of Portugese in India.
4. Death of Fruz Tughlaq.
The correct chronological sequence of these events is
(a) 2, 4, 3, 1           (b) 2, 4, 1, 3
(c) 4, 2, 1, 3           (d) 4, 2, 3, 1

22. A, B, C, D, E and F not necessarily in that order are sitting in six chairs regularly placed around a round table. It is observed that A is between D and F C is opposite D D and E are not on neighbouring chairs Which one of the following must be true ?
(a) A is opposite B
(b) D is opposite E
(c) C and B are neighbours
(d) B and E are neighbours

23. The given map shows locations of airports labelled as 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5. What is the correct sequence of the airports in which the hijacked Indian Airlines place IC-814 landed after its initial take off from Katmandu in December 1999 ?

(a) 3, 1, 2, 4                  (b) 2, 4, 1, 3
(c) 5, 4, 2, 3                  (d) 5, 1, 3, 2

24. Consider the following statements :
The Ministerial Meeting of WTO held in December 1999 was unsuccessful because it attempted to link trade with
1. labour related issues.                  2. environment related issues.
3. terrorism related issues.              4. debt related issues.
Which of these statements are correct ?
(a) 1, 3 and 4                 (b) 1 and 2
(c) 2 and 3                     (d) 2 and 4

25. Match List I with List II and select the correct answer
List I (Artist)                      List II (Medium of music delivery)
A. Balamurali Krishna                  1. Hindustani vocal
B. Mita Pandit                              2. Ghatam
C. Kanyakuman                           3. Sitar
D. Nikhil Bannerjee                      4. Violin
5. Carnatic vocal
A       B     C      D        A     B     C      D
(a) 5       1       2      3    (b) 4     3      1      5
(c) 3       1       5      2    (d) 5     4      1      3

26. Aluminium surfaces are often 'anodized'. This means the deposition of a layer of
(a) chromium oxide            (b) aluminium oxide
(c) nickel oxide                  (d) zinc oxide

27. Match List I with List II and select the correct answer
List I                                 List II
A. Iqta                                 1. Marathas
B. Jagir                                2. Delhi Sultans
C. Amaram                          3. Mughals
D. Mokasa                          4. Vijayanagara
A     B     C     D        A      B    C     D
(a) 3      2     1      4  (b)  2       3     4     1
(c) 2      3     1      4  (d)  3       2     4     1

28. Consider the following statements about the 'Roaring Forties' :
1. They blow uninterrupted in the Northern and Southern Hemispheres.
2. They blow with great strength and constancy.
3. Their direction is generally from North-West to East in the Southern Hemisphere.
4. Overcast skies, rain and raw weather are generally associated with them.
Which of these statements are correct ?
(a) 1, 2 and 3       (b) 2, 3 and 4
(c) 1, 3 and 4       (d) 1, 2 and 4

29. In a class there are 18 boys who are over 160 cm tall. If these boys constitute three-fourths of the boys and the total number of boys is two-third of the number of students in the class, then what is the number of girls in the class ?
(a) 6               (b) 12             (c) 18             (d) 24

30. A college student desires to get elected to the Municipal Council of his city. The validity of his nomination would depend on the important condition, among others, that
(a) he obtains permission from the Principal of his college
(b) he is a member of a political party
(c) his name figures in the Voters List
(d) he files a declaration owing allegiance to the Constitution of India

31. Consider the following provinces of former Yugoslavia
1. Bosnia
2. Croatia
3. Slovenia
4. Yugoslavia
The correct sequence of these provinces from the east to the west is:
(a) 4, 1, 3, 2
(b) 4, 1, 2, 3
(c) 1, 4, 3, 2
(d) 1, 4, 2, 3

32. Consider the following statements :
Hard water is not suitable for
1. drinking
2. washing clothes with soap
3. use in boilers
4. irrigating crops
Which of these statements are correct ?
(a) 1 and 3
(b) 2 and 3
(c) 1, 2 and 4
(d) 1, 2, 3 and 4

33. Which one of the following Muslim rulers was hailed as the 'Jagadguru' by his Muslim subjects because of his belief in secularism ?
(a) Husain Shah
(b) Zain-ul-Abidin
(c) Ibrahim Adil Shah
(d) Mahmud II

34. Match List I with List II and select the correct answer
List I (Local bodies)                 List II (States as in 1999)
A. Zilla Parishads at the                   1. Andhra Pradesh
sub-divisional level
B. Mandal Praja Parishad                2. Assam
C. Tribal Councils                            3. Mizoram
D. Absence of Village Panchayats     4. Meghalaya
A     B      C      D
(a)   2      1       4      3
(b)   1      2       4      3
(c)   3      2       1      4
(d)   2      1       3      4

35. A small pouch containing silica gel is often found in bottles of medicine in tablet or powder form because silica gel
(a) kills bacteria
(b) kills germs and spores
(c) absorbs moisture
(d) absorbs all gases present inside the bottle

36. Which one of the following statements is incorrect?
(a) Goa attained full statehood in 1987
(b) Diu is an island in the Gulf of Khambhat
(c) Daman and Diu were separated from Goa by the 56th Amendement of the Constitution of India
(d) Dadra and Nagar Haweli were under French colonial rule till 1954

37. Canola refers to special type of oil seed mustard varieties bred for human consumption. The main characteristic of these varieties is that the
(a) seeds have very high oil content
(b) oil is rich in unsaturated fatty acids
(c) oil has long shelf-life
(d) oil has very low Erucic acid content

38. Which one of the following lakes forms an international boundary between Tanzania and Uganda ?
(a) Chad
(b) Malawi
(c) Victoria
(d) Zambezi

39. A rectangular piece of iron sheet measuring 50 cm by 100 cm is rolled into a cylinder of height 50 cm. If the cost of painting the cylinder is Rs. 50/- per square meter, then what will be the cost of painting the outer surface of the cylinder ?
(a) Rs.25.00
(b) Rs.37.50
(c) Rs.75.00
(d) Rs.87.50

40. The growth rate of per capita income at current prices is higher than that of per capita income at constant prices, because the latter takes into account the rate of
(a) growth of population
(b) increase in price level
(c) growth of money supply
(d) increase in the wage rate

41. "In this instance we could not play off the Mohammedans against the Hindus."
To which one of the following events did this remark of Aitchison relate ?
(a) Revolt of 1857        
(b) Champaran Satyagraha (1917)
(c) Khilafat and Non-Cooperation Movement (1919-22)
(d) August Movement of 1942

42. A noise level of 100 decibels would correspond to
(a) just audible sound
(b) ordinary conversation
(c) sound from a noisy street
(d) noise from a machine-shop

43. The following news item appeared in a National daily dated 1 - 12 - 1999 :
".......... Parliament today rejected a Bill to grant women the right to vote and stand for office in parliamentary elections, by a margin of 32 to 30.
The National Assembly was split between liberal, pro-government and Shiite Muslim depties who were in favour of women's rights, while the opposition camp grouped Sunni Muslim fundamentalists and tribal MPs.
A total of 64 MPs and Ministers were present, of whom two abstained."
The Parliament referred to in this quotation is that of
(a) Kuwait                (b) Iran
(c) Bahrain               (d) Saudi Arabia

44. Which one of the following statements is not true ?
(a) Ghaggar's water is utilised in the Indira Gandhi Canal
(b) Narmada rises from Amarkantak region
(c) Nizam Sagar is situated on the Manjra river
(d) Penganga is a tributary of the Godavari

45. The upper part of the given graph is a hypothetical movement in the BSE Sensex over a few months and the lower part is the fluctuation in the average value of automobile shares in the same period (actual values not given).

Which one of the following inferences can be drawn from the graphs ?
(a) The automobile-share market has been as unstable as BSE Sensex in that period
(b) There has been a major political change in June/July
(c) Automobile shares have shows a steady improvement in price, unaffected by large fluctuations in BSE Sensex
(d) None of the above

46. A black hole' is a body in space which does not allow any radiation to come out. This property is due to its
(a) very small size
(b) very large size
(c) very high density
(d) very low density

47. The first Indian state to have its Human Development Report prepared and released by Amartya Kumar Sen in Delhi is
(a) West Bengal
(b) Kerala
(c) Madhya Pradesh
(d) Andhra Pradesh

48. In an examination, every candidate took physics or mathematics or both 65.8% took physics and 59.2% took mathematics. The total number of candidates was 2000. How many candidates took both physics and mathematics ?
(a) 750        (b) 500
(c) 250        (d) 125

49. Consider the following statements about the megacities of India :
1. Population of each megacity is more than 5 million.
2. All the megacities are importance sea ports.
3. Megacities are either national or state capitals.
Which of these statements are correct ?
(a) 1, 2 and 3         (b) 1 and 2
(c) 2 and 3             (d) 1 and 3

50. The memory of a computer is commonly expressed in terms of kilobytes or Megabyes. A byte is made up of
(a) eight binary digits
(b) eight decimal digits
(c) two binary digits
(d) two decimal digits

51. The Parliament can make any law for the whole or any part of India for implementing International treaties
(a) with the consent of all the States
(b) with the consent of the majority of States
(c) with the consent of the States concerned
(d) without the consent of any State

52. A bag contains 20 balls. 8 balls are green, 7 are white and 5 are red. What is the minimum number of balls that must be picked up from the bag blind-folded (without replacing &.y of it) to be assured of picking atleast one ball of each colour ?
(a) 4             (b) 7
(c) 11           (d) 16

53. In an open economy, the national income (Y) of the economy is :
(C, I, G, X, M stand for Consumption, Investment, Govt. Expenditure, total exports and total imports respectively)
(a) Y= C + I + G + X
(b) Y= C + I + G - X + M
(c) Y= C + I + G + (X - M)
(d) Y= C + I - G + X - M

54. Which one of the following is NOT a feature of the Government of India Act of 1935 ?
(a) Diarchy at the Centre as well as in the provinces
(b) A bicameral legislature
(c) Provincial autonomy
(d) An All-India Federation

55. The correct sequence in decreasing order of the four sugarcane producing States in India is
(a) Maharashtra, UP, Tamil Nadu, Andhra Pradesh
(b) UP, Maharashtra, Tamil Nadu, Andhra Pradesh
(c) Maharashtra, U.P, Andhra Pradesh, Tamil Nadu
(d) UP, Maharashtra, Andhra Pradesh, Tamil Nadu

56. Which one of the following statements about a Money Bill is not correct ?
(a) A Money Bill can be tabled in either House of Parliament
(b) The Speaker of Lok Sabha is the final authority to decide whether a Bill is a .Money Bill or not
(c) The Rajya Sabha must return a Money Bill passed by the Lok Sabha and send it for consideration within 14 days
(d) The President cannot return a Money Bill to the Lok Sabha for reconsideration

57. Consider the following features of newer models of motor cars :
1. Radial tyres
2. Streamline body
3. Multipoint fuel injection
4. Catalytic converter with exhaust
Which of these features make the newer models of motor cars more fueld efficient ?
(a) 1 and 2          (b) 2 and 3
(c) 2, 3 and 4      (d) 1, 3 and 4

58. The Indian National Army (I.N.A.) came into existence in 1943 in
(a) Japan           (b) then Burma
(c) Singapore     (d) then Malaya

59. Which one of the following has a greater perimeter than the rest ?
(a) A square with an area of 36 sq. cm.
(b) An equilateral triangle with a side of 9 cm.
(c) A rectangle with 10 cm as length and 40 sq. cm. as area
(d) A circle with a radius of 4 cm.

60. Match the cities labelled as 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5 in the given map with the names of the institutes located in these cities and select the correct answer using the codes given below the names of
the institutes

Name of institutes
A. Central Marine Fisheries Research Institute
B. Central Sheep Breeding Farm
C. National Dairy Research Institute
D. National Institute of Agricultural Extension Management
A      B     C     D
(a)   5       1      3     2
(b)   5       2      1     4
(c)   4       2      1     3
(d)   1       2      3     4

61. A rise in ' SENSEX' means
(a) a rise in prices of shares of all companies registered with Bombay Stock Exchange
(b) arise in prices of shares of all companies registered with National Stock Exchange
(c) an overall rise in prices of shares of group of companies registered with Bombay Stock Exchange
(d) a rise in prices of shares of all companies belonging to a group of companies registered with Bombay Stock Exchange

62. The new G D P series released by the C S O in February, 1999 is with reference to base price of
(a) 1991-92        (b) 1992-93
(c) 1993-94        (d) 1994-95


In the given figure   ÐOQP = 30° and ÐORP = 20°, ÐQOR is equal to
(a) 1001        (b) 1200         (c) 1301        (d) 1400

64. Consider the following statements :
1. Maharashtra has the highest acreage under jawar in India.
2. Gujarat is the largest producer of groundnut in India.
3. Rajasthan has the largest area of cultivable wasteland in India.
4. Andhra Pradesh has the highest per hectare yield of maize in India.
Which of these statements are correct ?
(a) 1 and 4          (b) 2 and 3         (c) 1 and 3          (d) 2 and 4

65. A club has 1,08 members. Two-thirds of them are men and the rest are women. All members are married except for 9 women members. How many married women are there in the club?
(a) 20          (b) 24           (c) 27          (d) 30

66. The last major extension of British Indian territory took place during the time of
(a) Dufferin         (b) Dalhousie         (c) Lytton           (d) Curzon

67. Fluorescent tubes are fitted with a choke. The choke coil
(a) steps up the line voltage         (b) steps down the line voltage
(c) reduces current in the circuit  (d) chokes low frequency currents

68. Which one of the following pairs is not correctly matched?
(a) Baki Itihas Badal Sarkar       (b) Sita Swayamvar : Vishnu Das Bhave
(c) Yayati Girish Kamad             (d) Giddha Jabbar Patel

69. The following figure represents times vs. learning curves of two students. Q and R for learning a mathematics lesson

Which one of the following inferences can be drawn from the graph
(a) R started slowly in the beginning but got ahead of Q. to complete learning the lesson
(b) Q started slowly and finished learning the lesson earlier then R
(c) R was always faster than Q in learning mathematics
(d) Q was always faster than R in learning mathematics

70. Match List-I with List-II and select the correct answer
List I   (Industrial Unit)                                 List II   (Centre)
A. Atlas Cycle Company Ltd.                              1. Bangalore
B. Bharat Earth Movers Ltd.                                2. Bhubaneswar
C. Indian Farmers Fertilizers  Co-operative Ltd.   3. Kalol
D. National Aluminium Company Ltd                   4. Sonepat
A      B     C    D         A     B    C     D
(a) 1      4       2    3     (b) 1     4     3     2
(c) 4      1       2    3     (d) 4     1     3     2

71. For reproducing sound, a CD (Compact Disc) audio player  uses a
(a) quartz crystal        (b) titanium needle
(c) laser beam           (d) barium titanate ceramic

77. The 73rd Constitution Amendment Act 1992 refers to the
(a) generation of gainful employment for the unemployed and the under-employed men and women in rural area
(b) generation of employment for the able bodies adults who are in need ant desirous of work during the lean agricultural season
(c) laying the foundation for strong and vibrant Panchayati Raj Institutions in the country
(d) guarantee of right to life, liberty and security of person, equality before law and equal protection without discrimination.

73. A goat is tied to two poles P and Q with ropes that are 15 meters long. P and Q are 20 meters apart as shown in the given diagram

Which one of the following shaded portions indicates the total area over which the goat can
graze ?

74. Match the locations of ports labelled as A, B, C and D in the given map with the names of those ports and select the correct

A      B     C      D         A     B     C     D
(a) 4       2      3      5    (b)  5     2      4     1
(c) 1       3      4      2    (d)  5     3      2     1

75. When a CD (compact disc used in audio and video systems) is seen in sunlight, rainbow like colours are seen. This can be explained on the basis of the phenomenon of
(a) reflection and diffraction        (b) reflection and transmission
(c) diffraction and transmission    (d) refraction, diffraction and transmission

76. AS an alternative to the partition of India, Gandhiji suggested to Mountbatten that he
(a) postpone granting of independence
(b) invite Jinnah to form the government
(c) invite Nehru and Jinnah to form the government together
(d) invite the army to take over for some time

77. A person starts from a point A and travels 3 km eastwards to B and then turns left and travels thrice that distance to reach C. He again turns left and travels five times the distance he covered
between A and B and reaches his destination D. The shortest distance between the starting point and destination is
(a) 18 km         (b) 16 km          (c) 15 km          (d) 12 km

78. Which one of the following ports of India handles the highest tonnage of import cargo ?
(a) Calcutta         (b) Kandla
(c) Mumbai         (d) Visakhapatnam

79. The native state of Tripura became involved in the Freedom movement early in the 20th century because
(a) the kings of Tripura were always anti-British
(b) the Bengal revolutionaries took shelter in Tripura
(c) the tribes of the state were fiercely freedom loving
(d) there were already some groups fighting against the kingship and its protector, the British

80. Match List I (Industrial processes) with List II (Industry with which associated) and select the correct answer :
List I                                  List II
A. Cracking                         1. Rubber
B. Smelting                           2. Petroleum
C. Hydrogenation                 3. Copper
D. Vulcanization                   4. Edible Fats
A     B     C     D        A     B    C    D
(a) 3      2      1     4  (b)   2     3     4    1
(c) 2      3      1     4  (d)   3     2     4    1

81. Within biological communities, some species are important in determining the ability of a large number of other species to persist in the community. Such species are called
(a) Keystone species         (b) Allopatric species
(c) Sympatric species        (d) Threatened species

82. Match List I with List II and select the correct answer
List I                               List II
A. Boom                  1. Business activity at high level with increasing income, output and
employment at macro level
B. Recession            2. Gradual fall-of income, output and employment with business activity in a
low gear
C. Depression           3. Unprecedented level of under employment and unemployment, drastic fall
in income, output and employment
D. Recovery              4. Steady rise in the general level of prices, income, output and employment
A      B      C      D         A      B      C      D
(a) 1       2       3      4    (b)  1      2       4      3
(c) 2       1       4      3    (d)  2      1       3      4

83. The distribution of 1,00,000 tourists who visited India during a particular year is shown in the given charts. Based on this, the number of Japanese tourists below the age of 39 who visited
India in the year concerned is

(a) 10,000         (b) 8,000      (c) 6,000        (d) 4,000

84. Match the different ports of Union Territory of Pondicherry labelled as A, B, C and D in the given map with their respective names and select the correct answer using the codes given below the list of pots

List (Ports of Pondicherry)
1. Karaikal              2. Mahe
3. Pondicherry         4.Yanam
A     B     C     D            A     B     C     D
(a)   2      1      3     4      (b)   1     2      3      4
(c)   2      1      4     3      (d)   1     2      4      3

85. That the per capital income in India was Rs. 20/- in 1867-68, was ascertained for the first time by
(a) M. G. Ranade               (b) Sir W. Hunter
(c) R. C. Dutta                    (d) Dadabhai Naoroji

86. Which one of the following pairs of primitive tribes and places of their inhabitation is NOT correctly matched ?
(a) Buksa......................... Pauri-Garhwal
(b) Kol............................. Jabalpur
(c) Munda........................ Chhotanagpur
(d) Korba......................... Kodagu

87. What is maximum number of pieces of 5 cm x 5 cm x 10 cm cake that can be cut from a big cake of 5 cm x30 cm x 30 cm size?
(a) 10        (b) 15          (c) 18          (d)30

88. Which one of the following statements is true according to 1991 census data ?
(a) UP has the highest density of population in India
(b) Himachal Pradesh has the highest female to male sex ratio in India
(c) West Bengal has the highest growth rate of population in India
(d) Bihar has the lowest literacy rate in India

Directions :- The next two items are based on the following table. Study the same carefully and attempt the two items that follow it :
Indicators of development for some Asian countries
Country                  Life                                  Infant                                Adult      
expectancy at birth                  mortality rate                     literacy rate
(Years)                           (Per 1000 live births)          (Percent)
1995                                      1996                           1995
India                       62.4                                        72                              52
China                      69.2                                        38                              82
Indonesia                64.0                                        47                              84
Malaysia                 71.4                                        11                              84
Thailand                  69.5                                        31                              94
Korea                     71.7                                         6                              98
Philippines               67.4                                        32                             95

89. Which one of the following statements is false?
(a) All countries other than India have over 80% literacy
(b) Malaysia and Korea have life expectancy higher than all other countries
(c) Higher the adult literacy lower is the infant mortality
(d) The life expectancy at birth in India is almost the same as that of Indonesia

90. The best performance in terms of Human Development among the Asian countries is by
(a) China             (b) Malaysia           (c) Korea            (d) Philippines

91. After returning from South Africa, Gandhiji launched his first successful Satyagraha in
(a) Chauri-Chaura
(b) Dandi
(c) Champaran
(d) Bardoli

92. Match List I with List II and select the correct answer
List I                                     List II
A. Chittagong Armoury Raid     1. Kalpana Dutt
B. Abhinav Bharat                     2. Guru Ram Singh
C. AnushilanSamiti                    3. Vikram Damodar Savarkar
D. Kuka Movement                   4. Aurobindo Ghosh
Codes :
A     B     C     D
(a)    1      3      4      2
(b)    1      3      2     4
(c)    3      1      2      4
(d)    3      1      4     2

93. Match List I with List II and select the correct answer
List I                                                         List II
A. Land allotted to big feudal landlords        1. Jagirdari System
B. Land allotted to revenue farmers or          2. Ryotwari System
rent collectors
C. Land allotted to each peasant with           3. Mahalwari
the right to sublet, mortgage, gift or sell
D. Revenue settlements made at village         4. Zamindari System level
Codes :
A      B     C      D
(a)    1      3      2      4
(b)    1      4      2      3
(c)    3      4      1      2
(d)    2      1      3      4

94. Which one of the following countries occupies the first place in the "Global Competitive Report" of World Economic Forum ?
(a) U.S.A.
(b) Singapore
(c) Hong Kong
(d) France

Directions :- The following 16 (sixteen) items consist of two statements, one labelled as 'Assertion A' and the other labelled as 'Reason R'. You are to examine these two statements carefully and decide if the Assertion A and the Reason R are individually true and if so, whether the Reason is a correct explanation of the Assertion. Select your answers to these items using the codes given below and mark your answer sheet accordingly.

Codes :
(a) Both A and Rare true and R is the correct explanation of A
(b) Both A and R are true but R is NOT the correct explanation of A
(c) A is true but R is false
(d) A is false but R is true

95. Assertion (A) :  Lord Linlithgo described the August Movement of 1942 as the most serious revolt after the Sepoy mutiny.
Reason (R)          : Peasants joined the movement in large number in some places.

96. Assertion (A) :  A man standing on a completely frictionless surface can propel himself by whistling.
Reason (R)          :  If no external force acts on a system, its momentum cannot change.

97. Assertion (A) :  The Aham and Puram poems of the Padinen Kilukanakku group formed a continuation of the Sangam composition.
Reason (R)          :  They were included under the Post-Sangam works as against the Sangam works proper.

98. Assertion (A) :  In Australia, cattle rearing is done more for meat than for milk.
Reason (R)          :  Australians are traditionally non-vegetarians.

99. Assertion (A) : In human beings, the females play a major role in determining the sex of the offspring.
Reason (R)          :  Women have two 'X' chromosomes.

100. Assertion (A) :  Large cold storage plants use ammonia as refrigerant while domestic refrigerators use chlorofluorocarbons.
Reason (R)            : Ammonia can be liquefied at ambient temperatures at low pressures.

101. Assertion (A) : The frequency of floods in North Indian plains has increased during the last couple of decades.
Reason (R)            : There has been reduction in the depth of river valleys due to deposition of silt.

102. Assertion (A) : The rate of growth of India's exports has shown an appreciable increase after 1991.
Reason (R)            : The Govt. of India has resorted to devaluation.

103. Assertion (A) : "DNA Finger printing" has become a powerful tool to establish paternity and identity of criminals in rape and assault cases.
Reason (R)            :  Trace evidences such as hairs, saliva and dried semen are adequate for DNA analysis.

104. Assertion (A) : Ganga Plain is the most densely populated part of India.
Reason (R)            : Ganga is the most harnessed river of India.

105. Assertion (A) :  The emphasis of Jainism on non-violence (ahimsa) prevented agriculturalists from embracing Jainism.
Reason (R)            : Cultivation involved killing of insects and pests.

106. Assertion (A) : The origin of feudal system in ancient India can be traced to military campaigns.
Reason (R)            : There was considerable expansion of the feudal system during the Gupta period.

107. Assertion (A) :  Ashoka annexed Kalinga to the Mauryan Empire.
Reason (R)            : Kalinga controlled the 'land and sea routes to South India.

108. Assertion (A) :  The basic weakness of the early nationalist movement lay in its narrow social base.
Reason (R)            : It fought for the narrow interests of the social groups which joined it.

109. Assertion (A) :  In a motion picture, usually 24 frames are projected every second over the whole length of the film.
Reason (R)            :  An image formed on the retina of eye persists for about 0.1 s after the removal of stimulus.

110. Assertion (A) : Small glass beads fixed on traffic signals glow brightly when light falls upon them.
Reason (R)            : Light is totally reflected when the angle of incidence exceeds a certain critical value and light traveling in a denser medium is reflected from a rarer medium.

111. Match List I with List II and select the correct answer
List I                                             List II
A. Development Programme         1. U N India Human Development Report
B. National Council of Applied      2. India Development Economic Research Report
C. Indira Gandhi Institute of           3. World Development Development Research Report
D. World Bank                              4. Human Development Report
Codes :
A     B     C     D
(a)    4      1      2     3
(b)    4      2     1      3
(c)    2      3      4    1
(d)    2     1      4     3

112. "........... instil into the vast millions of workers, men and women, who actually do the job, a sense of partnership and of cooperative performance " The above passage related to
(a) Planned Development
(b) Community Development
(c) Panchayati Raj System
(d) Integrated Development Programme

113. The 'stones' formed in human kidney consist mostly of
(a) calcium oxalate
(b) sodium acetate
(c) magnesium sulphate
(d) calcium

114. The Speaker can ask a member of the House to stop speaking and let another member speak. This phenomenon is known as
(a) decorum
(b) crossing the floor
(c) interpellation
(d) yielding the floor

115. While delivering the presidential address, the Congress President who advocated the introduction of Roman script for Hindi language was
(a) Mahatma Gandhi
(b) Jawaharlal Nehru
(c) Abul Kalam Azad
(d) Subhash Chandra Bose

116. Most of the explosions in mines occur due to the mixing of
(a) hydrogen with oxygen
(b) oxygen with acetylene
(c) methane with air
(d) carbon dioxide with ethane

117. Consider the following statements about the Attorney General of India
1. He is appointed by the President of India.
2. He must have the same qualifications as are required for a Judge of the Supreme Court.
3. He must be a member of either House of Parliament.
4. He can be removed by impeachment by Parliament.
Which of these statements are correct ?
(a) 1 and 2
(b) 1 and 3
(c) 2, 3 and 4
(d) 3 and 4

118. A rectangular water tank measures 15 m x 6 m at top and is 10 m deep. It is full of water. If water is drawn out lowering the level by 1 meter, how much of water has been drawn out ?
(a) 90,000 litres
(b) 45,000 litres
(c) 4,500 litres
(d) 900 litres

119. Along which one of the following meridians did India experience the first light of the sunrise of the new millennium ?
(a) 20o 30' W
(b) 82o 30' E
(c) 92o 30' W
(d) 92o 30' E

120. Which one of the following organisms can serve as a biofertilizer for rice crop ?
(a) Blue-green algae
(b) Rhizobium sp
(c) Mycorrhizal fungi
(d) Azotobacter sp

121. The Standing Committee of State Finance Ministers recommended in January, 2000 uniform rates across the states in respect of
(a) value-added tax
(b) sales tax
(c) stamp duty and registration fees
(d) agricultural income tax

122. At the time of partition of India, which one of the following provinces of British India came forward with a plan for a united and independent existence ?
(a) Punjab
(b) Assam
(c) Bengal
(d) Bihar

123. Consider the following functionaries
1. Cabinet Secretary
2. Chief Election Commissioner
3. Union Cabinet Ministers
4. Chief Justice of India
Their correct sequence, in the Order of Precedence is
(a) 3, 4, 2, 1
(b) 4, 3, 1, 2
(c) 4, 3, 2, 1
(d) 3, 4, 1, 2

124. The primary function of the Finance Commission in India is to
(a) distribute revenue between the Centre and the States
(b) prepare the Annual Budget
(c) advise the President on financial matters
(d) allocate funds to various ministries of the Union and. State Governments

125. The state which has the largest number of seats reserved for the Scheduled Tribes in the Lok Sabha is
(a) Bihar
(b) Gujarat
(c) Uttar Pradesh
(d) Madhya Pradesh

126. An accurate clock shows 8 O' clock in the morning. Through how many degrees will the hour hand rotate when the dock shows 2 O'clock in the afternoon ?
(a) 150o         (b) 144o
(c) 168°        (d) 180°

127. Consider the following statements :
1. Tides are of great help in navigation and fishing.
2. High tide enables big ships to enter or leave the harbour safely.
3. Tide prevents siltation in the harbours.
4. Kandla and Diamond Harbour are tidal ports.
Which of these statements are correct ?
(a) 1 and 4
(b) 2, 3 and 4
(c) 1, 2 and 3
(d) 1, 2, 3 and 4

128. At which stage in its life cycle does the silk worm yield the fibre of commerce ?
(a) Egg
(b) Larva
(c) Pupa
(d) Imago

129. Indian Human Development Report does not give for each sample village
(a) Infrastructure and Amenities Index
(b) Education Related Index
(c) Health Related Index
(d) Unemployment Related Index

130. The monthly income of Komal and Asha are in the ratio of 4 : 3. Their monthly expenses are in the ratio of 3 : 2. However, both save Rs. 600/- per month. What is their total monthly income?
(a) Rs. 8,400 /-
(b) Rs. 5,600 /-
(c) Rs. 4,200 /-
(d) Rs. 2,800 /-

131. Match List I with List II and select the correct answer
List I (Oceanic Trench)                    List II (Location)
A. Aleutian                                             1. Indian Ocean
B. Kermadec                                         2. North Pacific Ocean
C. Sunda                                                3. South Pacific Ocean
D. S. Sandwich                                       4. South Atlantic Ocean
A      B      C      D
(a)    2      4       1       3
(b)    2      3       1       4
(c)    1      3       2       4
(d)    1      4       2       3

132. The Balkan Plan for fragmentation of India was the brainchild of
(a) W. Churchil
(b) M. A. Jinnah
(c) Lord Mountbatten
(d) V P Menon

133. Match List I with list II and select the correct answer
List I                                     List II
A. German Silver                          1. Tin
B. Solder                                      2. Nickel
C. Bleaching Powder                    3. Sodium
D. Hypo                                       4. Chlorine
A      B     C     D
(a)    1       2      4     3
(b)    2      1      3      4
(c)    1      2      3      4
(d)    2      1      4      3

134. Match List I with list II and select the correct answer
List I                                                       List II
(Institute)                                                (Location)
A. Central Institute of Higher Tibetan         1. Hyderabad
B. Indira Gandhi Institute of Development   2. Mumbai
C. National Institute of Mental Health          3. Bangalore
and Neuro-sciences
D. Central Institute of English and Foreign    4. Dharamshala
Languages                                              5. Varanasi
A      B      C      D          A     B     C    D
(a) 5       3       4      1   (b)    5     2      3    1
(c) 3       2       4      5   (d)    4     5      1    2

135. Match List I (Diseases) with List II (Types of disease) and select the correct answer
List I                                      List II
A. Haemophilia                     1. Deficiency disease
B. Diabetes                           2. Genetic disease
C. Rickets                             3. Hormonal disorder
D. Ringworm                         4. Fungal infection
A     B      C     D          A     B     C    D
(a) 2      3       4     1     (b)  2     3      1    4
(c) 3      2       1     4     (d)  3     2      4     1

134. Economic liberalisation in India started with
(a) substantial changes in industrial licensing policy
(b) the convertibility of Indian rupee
(c) doing away with procedural formalities for foreign direct investment
(d) significant reduction in tax rates

137. The blood glucose level is commonly expressed as
(a) mm. of Hg
(b) milligram per decilitre
(c) parts per million
(d) grammes per litre

138. The practice of military governorship was first introduced in India by the
(a) Greeks               (b) Shakas
(c) Parthians            (d) Mughals

139. If X = - 2, then
X3 - X2 - X - 1 is equal to
(a) 1                (b) - 3
(c) -11             (d) -15

140. Consider the following statements about the Indian National Congress
1. Sarojini Naidu was the first woman to be the President of the Congress
2. C. R. Das was in prison when he functioned as the President of the Congress
3. The first Britisher to become the President of the Congress was Alan Octavian Hume
4. Alfred Webb was the President of the Congress in 1894
Which of these statements are correct ?
(a) 1 and 3 
(b) 2 and 4
(c) 2, 3 and 4
(d) 1, 2, 3 and 4

141. Match the drainage basins labelled as A; B, C and D with the names listed below and select the correct answer using the codes given below the drainage basins
Names of drainage basins :
1. Ganga-Brahmaputra              2. Indus
3. Parana                                  4. Zambeszi

A      B     C      D         A     B     C     D
(a) 3       1      2      4   (b)   1     3      4     2
(c) 1       3      2      4   (d)   3     1      4     2

142. Phytotron is a facility to
(a) grow plants under disease-free conditions
(b) conserve endangered species of plants
(c) grow plants under controlled conditions
(d) induce mutations

143. The Raga which is sung early in the morning is
(a) Todi                 (b) Darbari
(c) Bhopali            (d) Bhimpalasi

144. In the given figure, all line segments of the shaded portions are of the same length and at right angles to each other. The same can be cut out of a board of side 10 cm. What is the area of
the shaded portion ?

(a) 36 cm2
(b) 48 cm2
(c) 52 cm2
(d) 64 cm2

145. Gilt-edged market means
(a) bullion market
(b) market of Government securities
(c) market of guns
(d) market of pure metals

146. Match List I (Endocrine glands) with List II (Hormones secreted) and select the correct answer
List I                          List II
A. Gonads                         1. Insulin
B. Pituitary                         2. Progesterone
C. Pancreas                       3. Growth hormones
D. Adrenal                         4. Cortisone
A      B      C     D        A     B     C    D
(a) 3       2       4     1  (b)   2     3      4    1
(c) 2       3       1     4  (d)   3     2      1    4

147. Which one of the following dynasties was ruling over North India at the time of Alexanders invasion ?
(a) Nanda            (b) Maurya      (c) Sunga           (d) Kanva

148. Match the international events listed below with their respective places labelled as 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5 in the given map and select the correct answer using the codes given below the lists

International Events :
A. Venue of Commonwealth Conference held in 1999
B. Venue of World Trade Organisation meeting held in 1999
C. Place of Israel-Syria Peace talks held in January, 2000
D. Place of military action by Russian troops in January, 2000
A      B     C     D       A    B     C    D
(a) 2      1      5     3   (b) 3    4      2    1
(c) 4      1      2     3   (d) 4    3      5    2

149. Which one of the following materials is very hard and very ductile ?
(a) Carborundum        (b) Tungsten
(c) Cast iron               (d) Nichrome

150. To reach the final of first grand slam of the year 2000, Martina Hingis defeated
(a) Lindsay Davenport     (b) Jennifer Capriati
(c) Sarena William           (d) Conchita Martinez

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