IAS Exam Papers-Main - Sociology (Paper - I) 2009

Sociology - 2009 (Main) (Paper - I) SECTION – A

1. Write short notes on any three of the following (each note should not exceed 200 words ) : 20×3=60
a) Problems of objectivity in sociological research.
b) Subject-matter of Sociology, according to Emile Durkheim.
c) Comparison between Sociology and Economics
d) Talcott Parson’s idea of ‘ moving equilibrium’

2. a). Distinguish between probability and non probability sampling methods. How many types of sampling design are there? 30

b). Comment on the responses of the functionalist school to Karl’s Marx’s views on social change. 30

3. a). Comment on the reasons why neo-idealists and symbolic interactionists are critical of ‘ positivism’ in Sociology. 30

b). What are the reasons for calling Kingsley Davis and Wilbert Moore’s theory of social stratification a functional theory ? 30

4. To Robert Merton , deviant behaviour is a result of anamic . Analysis his sociological theory of deviant behaviour , with a special reference to his formulation of types of deviance. 60


5. Write short notes on any three of the following (each noteshould not exceed 200 words ) : 20×3=60
a) C. W. Mills’ Power Elite

b) Industrialisation and Changes in the Family’s Functions.

c) Secularization of societies in the modern world.

d) Structure of social movement.

6. a). Comments on the critics charge that Immanuel Wallerstein’s dependency theory is simplistic and wrong. 30

b). What , according to Max Weber , is the role of “ Particular religion ideas” in the emergence of modern capitalism ? 30

7. “Science without religion is lame. Religion without science is blind” Comment on this statement critically  in the light of emerging sociological context in Europe, USA and India. 60

8. Discuss the emerging forms of marriage and family with examples from the West and The East . Can there be family without marriage ? Examine. 60

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