IAS Exam Papers-Main - Public Administration (Paper - II) 1997

Time Allowed : Three Hours                         Maximum Marks : 300
1. Comment on any three of the following in not more than 200 words each :
(a) Under the Company’s rule a distinction was drawn between Regulation and Non-Regulation Provinces.”
(b) The Preamable to the Constitution is key to open the mind of the markers.
(c) The Directive Principles of State Policy are socialistic in their direction and content."
(d) "The legislative relations between Union and State governments are more biased towards Union government. "


2. Examine the motives and intentions of the framers of the Indian Constitution as they opted for the system of parliamentary democracy in India.

3. (a) "The efficiency of the Cabinet depends to a large extent on the Cabinet Secretariat" Elucidate.

(b) For national planning, the commission  type of organisation was deliberately preferred. Examine the Statement.

4. "The States are constitutionally obliged to ensure that the laws passed by Parliament are implemented. " Explain the constitutional position fully.

5.  Comment  on any three of the following in not more than 200 words each :

(a) "The main function of the Public Accounts Committee is to ascertain that the money granted by Parliament has been spent the government within the scope of the demand.”

(b) "The word 'Police' in the title of the Central Reserve Police Force and the Indo-Tibetan Border Police is a misnomer. "

(c) " A singular feature of the 74th Constitutional Amendment is the new role assigned to the urban local bodies in the field of planning. “

(d) The machinery of administrative tribunals has been provided for the purpose of speedy and cheap justice against official excesses. "

6. Critically examine the role of the Finance Ministry as the custodian of all public revenues.

7. (a) "The District Rural Development Agency is presently serving as the nodal agency of rural development at the district level." Explain.

(b) "The most momentous recommendation of the Asoka Mehta Committee was the creation of a two-tier system of Panchayati Raj." Examine the statement.

8. Trace the origin of the Lokayukta plan and comment on its working.


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