IAS Exam Papers-Main - Psychology (Paper -II) 1999

Psychology - 1999 (Main) (Paper - II) Candidates should attempt Questions 1 and 5 which are compulsory and any three of the remaining questions selecting at least one question from each Section. All questions carry equal marks.
1. Answer any three of the following each answer should not exceed 200 words :
(a) Describe the steps and procedures involved in construction of psychological tests.
(b) Discuss the common characteristics of psychopathic personality.
(c) Discuss the techniques of motivating industrial employees with particular reference to Herzberg's theory of work motivation.
(d) Briefly discuss the major theoretical explanations for group formation in the organization set-up.

2. Describe Beck's cognitive behaviour therapy for the treatment of depression.

3. What is social change ? Describe the relevant psychological factors that need to be considered while planning for social change.

4. Discuss the relevance of traditional and modern participative management techniques in the Indian industry.

5. Answer any three of the following in not more than 200 words each :
(a) Describe the characteristics of a learner, which make learning effective.

(b) Discuss the socio-cultural approaches for understanding the origins of ethnic prejudice and discrimination.

(c) Enumerate the methods for improving the effectiveness of upward communication in the organization.

(d) Mention the physical, psychological and behavioural consequences of stress.

6. Describe the specific socio-cultural deprivation of Tribals of India as a socially and culturally disadvantage group.

7. Critically evaluate McClelland's 'achievement motivation theory' and discuss its relevance in the Indian context.

8. Discuss the relative effectiveness of mass media in creating social awareness and social change.

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