IAS Exam Papers-Main - Geography (Paper - I) 2007

Geography - 2007 (Main) (Paper - I)    Section 'A'

1. On the outline map of Africa provided to you, mark the location of any ten of the following. Also write in your answer script the most significant aspect of each of them in not more than 10 words. 6xl0=60

(i) Casablanca
(ii). Kimberley
(iii) Aswan
(iv) Kalahari
(v) Alexandria

(vi) Durban

(vii) Lagos

(viii) Luanda

(ix) Lake Victoria

(x) Cape Town

(xi) Niger Delta

(xii) Maputo

2. Discuss the development of local winds, and their influence on local weather, giving three examples of the well-known local winds in the world. 60

3. Discuss the different bases for classifying the ocean deposits and give a detailed account of pelagiceposits of the Oceans. 60

4. Define the concept of isostasy and discuss the postulation of Airy and Pratt. 60

Section 'B'

5. Write short notes on any three of the following in about 200 words each: 20x3=60

(i) Social Forestry and Environmental Conservation

(ii) Dualism in Geography

(iii) Eustatic changes of Sea-level

(iv) Delineation of Urban Fringe

6. Explain the concept of sustainable development and propose a model for agricultural development. 60

7. Give an account of the functional bases of central place hierarchy. 60

8. Write a note on the parameters used to describe the demographic transitions in the developing

countries like India. 60

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