IAS Exam Papers-Main - Geography (Paper - I) 2009

Geography - 2009 (Main) (Paper - I)    SECTION – A

1. Answer the following in about 200 words each :

a) Highlights the geomorphic features essentially found in topographies under the second cycle of Erosion. 20

b) Give a brief account of principal land biomes and their latitudinal distribution. 20

c) Discuss views on slope development provided by L.C. King. 20

2. a). Identify each features that is indicated by the numerals (i) to (x) on the world Map provided. Identification of the feature carries 2 marks each. 2×10=20

b). Mention the location of each feature in respect of + (-)GMT. This carries 1 mark each. 1×10=10

c). provide a write up on the significance of the identified feature in approximately 40 words, this carries 3 marks each. 3×10=30

3. a). Explain factors contributing to the global climate change 20

b). Discuss the consequences of Climate Change on agriculture and food security , and on the Coastal Zones of the world. 20

c). How does Climate change affect urban areas? 20

4. a). Examine economic significance of the resources of the Continental Shelf of the Indian Ocean. 30

b). Comment on marine heat budget and the oceanic Circulation system. 30

Section B

(Human Geography)

5. Write short notes on any three of the following in about 200 words each: 20×3=60
a). Weight Triangle
b). ‘Limit to Growth’ Model
c). Tropical atmospheric instability
d). Zonal and Azonal soils

6. a). Provide a geographical account of global production and distribution of food. 30

b). ‘Quantitative Revolution and model building provided an empirical basis for geographical research’ – Elaborate.30

7. Elaborate the concept of Megalopolis and discuss the characteristics and problems related to two such regions selecting one each from North America and Europe. 60

8. a). Provide a broad classification of world cultural regions.30

b). Highlights the significance of environmental issues inRegional Planning. 30

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