Computer Virus

Preparatory Materials on computer peripherals:

    • The first virus: Fred Cohen, a PhD student at University of South California, demonstrated the first documented computer virus on November 10, 1983 as an experiment in computer security. The name 'virus' was given by Len Adleman, Fred's seminar adviser. The virus was added to a graphics program called VD that ran on a VAX mini computer. Links: History of Viruses at
    • Prisilla is a PRI and Melissa variant
    • Slammer or Sapphire is a worm (or a virus) program that attacks Microsoft SQL Server 2000 and MSDE 2000 - Microsoft Data Engine. It appeared in the early hours on 25th January 2003, although there are reports of it existing since 20th January. Links: Description of the Slammer worm at F-Secure website, Initial report of the Slammer or Sapphire Worm, at


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