Computer Peripherals

Preparatory Materials on computer peripherals:

  • The Compact Disk (CD) was invented by James Russell in 1965. Russell holds 22 patents for different aspects of the technology.
  • DVD or Digital Versatile Disc was mainly developed by the company Matshusita and it was announced in November 1995. There is no one person who can be called the inventor of DVD.
  • The floppy was invented by IBM engineers led by Alan Shugart in 1971. The nickname ""floppy"" came from its flexibility. The first floppies were of 8"" diameter and were designed for loading microcodes into the controller of the Merlin (IBM 3330) disk pack file (a 100 MB storage device). The 5 1/4"" floppy was developed by Alan Shugart in 1976 for Wang Laboratories. The 3 1/2"" floppy drives and diskettes were introduced by Sony in 1981.
  • Haptics is the science of applying touch (tactile) sensation and control to interaction with computer applications. The Wingman Force Feedback Mouse (WFFM) from Logitech is an example of a haptic device.



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