Two-Year Post Graduate Program in Management (Energy) - PGPM (Energy)- Great Lakes

The two-year Post Graduate Program in Management (Energy)  is Great Lakes IEMR’s flagship course, dedicated to developing the next generation of leadership. With a state-of-the-art curriculum delivered by experienced academicians and leading practitioners from the industry, the program combines

a)     Core business education and managerial skill development 

b)     Practice in the application of skills in practical problem solving

c)     Extensive interaction with industry through a unique set of activities and

d)     Comprehensive knowledge in select domains in the Energy sector 

Upon graduation, each student will be well prepared to take on responsibility and be productive from the outset. 

The PGPM focuses on developing management skills and business acumen though an extensive case-study based pedagogy simulating real-life decision-making. Apart from developing a strong appreciation of functional areas like Finance, Marketing, Operations, Human Resources, Organizational Behavior and Strategy, the program also focuses on developing soft skills, emotional intelligence and leadership potential.

The students of the PGPM program can opt for functional specializations in 1.) Finance, 2.) Marketing, 3.) Operations and 4.) Human Resources through sets of elective courses.

Unique opportunity for domain specialization

The students at Great Lakes IEMR have a unique opportunity to choose an area of specialization from among a set of fast growing industry domains both in India and globally. These areas offer exciting challenges and lucrative career opportunities to students, distinguishing them from other graduates.  Based on interest and career aspirations, students can opt for domain specialization in the following areas

Domain Specialization

1.)      Power: In-depth knowledge of the business context, industry structure and challenges faced in the power sector including generation, transmission and distribution

2.)     Oil & Gas: Comprehensive understanding of the key aspects of the domain including exploration, upstream and downstream businesses globally and in India

3.)     Renewable Energy: Extensive exposure to the wide array of renewable energy sources, their associated economics, opportunities and challenges and their increasingly important role in meeting future energy needs

4.)    Sustainability and Environmental Management: Detailed knowledge in the areas of energy efficiency and audits, demand side management, energy saving technologies and green development

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