Tips for attending interviews

For successful tackling of a behavioural interview question, you may have to prepare and keep the following tips in mind:

1. Show your understanding of the organization

2. Understand the skills required for that profile and showcase





About the Organization

* Research the business unit or department.
* Become familiar with the products, services, structure, competitors, reputation, and any recent significant changes.
* Review the job description to understand the skills required.
* Do research on yourself as well.
* Know why you want the job.
* Review your resume.
* Identify transferable skills, key accomplishments, work style, and personal and professional strengths.


Specific Skill Sets

Remind yourself of specific experiences that exemplify these skills and strengths.

* Be able to express the unique marketable skills you have to offer.
* Prepare a list of four or five questions about the department or position.
* Get a good nights’ rest.
* Know the exact place and time of the meeting.
* Allow plenty of time to get to the interview and plan to arrive early.

Try to arrive at the location at least 15 minutes before your scheduled test time to give yourself time to relax before the interview begins.


Tips To Do your BEST
*  Listen carefully, and feel free to ask for clarification before answering a question.
* Take a moment to formulate your answers before you speak.
* Project energy and enthusiasm.
* Be honest while focusing on communicating your professional achievements. Bring extra resumes, a notepad, and a pen.
* Be polite to everyone you meet at the interview.
* Do not chew gum, swear, or use slang.
* Thank the interviewer for their time. Within a day, send a written thank you note via e-mail or regular mail.
* If the interview is face-to-face:
* Look your professional best.
* Be conservative in your use of fragrance, cosmetics, and jewelry. Make eye contact with the interviewer.
* Be aware of the interviewer’s body language and other non-verbal cues.


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