Testing Interview Questions(271_300)

QUESTION 271_300

  1. what is difference between per action and shared
  2. What is repetetion testing?
  3. What level of test coverage would you aim for?
  4. What is differnce between qa, qc and testing?
  5. Explain me about GLobalization testing and localization testing with examples
  6. What is self testing mechanism?
  7. What does it take to be a software tester?
  8. Have you worked with datapools and what is your opinion on them?Give me an example as to how a script would handle the datapool.
  9. What is pareto principle?
  10. What is multi unit testing ?
  11. What is inter-systems testing? Can anybody explain it with an example.
  12. What is the difference between functional testing and system testing?
  13. What is the difference between sit and ist?
  14. What are maf and mPF tools?
  15. What is red box testing and yellow box testing
  16. Can anyone tell me what is test script? Give one example.
  17. What is logsheet?
  18. What are the components of logsheet?
  19. What is meant by bucket testing?
  20. What is API testing? Is API testing and white box testing same?
  21. What r the 5 different ways of opening the notepad
  22. How do you set up a test environment or what kind of activities are involved in setting up a test environment? Could anybody answer please..
  23. What is the difference between cmm level 5 company and CMMI
  24. How do u identify the objects in an web application?
  25. What is meant by test environment
  26. What is meant by db installing and configuring and deploying skills?
  27. What are the Quantitative metrics
  28. How do we handle a Test database upgrade
  29. what is the typical checklist for recovery testing
  30. Define various Testing approach
  31. How is Faults found by users classified
  32. What is Concurrency testing

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