Testing Interview Questions(1-30)

Questions 1-30

  1. Is agile better for new developments or changes to existing?
  2. When will you end testing?
  3. Common interview questions for full time position
  4. Is there any tool to calculate how much time should be alloated for testing out of total development?
  5. What is the difference between bug and defect?
  6. Which testing we can't do in client server and can do in web based application?
  7. What is the good answer for authentication and authorization?
  8. What are the major difference between test metrics and other metrics
  9. Bug fixing priority
  10. What is release notes? What needs to be verified in release nodes?
  11. Why do we need metrics in software testing?
  12. What is the difference between retesting and regressive testing?
  13. Diff between scenario and features and functionality ?
  14. What are the difference cost estimation techniques for testcase (i.E estimation effort)
  15. What is agile method & v-model?
  16. Why would you carry out one set of tests before a different set?
  17. Which parts of the system are more important?
  18. What is traceability matrix ? Is there any interchangeable term for traceability matrix ?Are traceability matrix and test matrix same or different ?
  19. While static testing, in a frd, one functionality is not clearly mentioned. As a tester, you explored the application and identified the flow for that functionality. Now what you will do under this situation?
  20. Entry and exit criteria
  21. What is the meaning of test base document in software testing ?
  22. What is difference between qa ,qc and test engineer
  23. What is architecture of gmail application and what are the non-functional attributes of gmail?
  24. Difference between test scenario and test condition
  25. When the sanity testing done?
  26. What's main difference between smoke and sanity testing? When these are performed? Explain with example
  27. How would the tester set up the test environment?
  28. What will come under in-scope and out-of-scope in the testplan
  29. When actions are available why we use functions?
  30. What is the difference between desktop application testing and web testing


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