Skills/ dimensions measured - Consultant/Associate/Analyst

The main skill sets evaluated during a behavioural interview process for the role of a consultant are:

1. Technology Application/Utilization skills
2. Communication skills
3. Planning/Organization skills
4. Problem Solving skills

1.Technology Application/Utilization skills:
  • Possess skills and knowledge common to the communications industry
  • Reflect the ability to grasp new concepts
  • Demonstrate skills necessary to implement complex technical solutions
  • Apply technical knowledge to solve problems
2. Communication skills:
  • Convey information in a manner that is understandable and persuasive
  • Be able to identify and remedy situations when the audience has not understood the message
  • Be willing and able to repeat or rephrase explanations
  • Question and probe others to obtain information or to identify their underlying needs
3. Planning/Organization skills:
  • Plan work to maximize efficiency (in time and resources) and minimize downtime
  • Recognize priorities and balance conflicting demands
  • Identify desired outcomes and determine steps needed to achieve them
  • Structure work activities to ensure that work is done efficiently and effectively
4.Problem Solving skills :
  • Seek out and collect relevant information to solve problems and achieve goals
  • Be able to systematically collect information to aid in making decisions
  • Take advantage of available resources
  • Be able to gather information and extract relevant data and apply it to a problem in order to develop a solution

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