Latest Computer Questions from IBPS PO-IV 18 Oct- 2014

(1) ISDN full form
(2) OLE full form
(3) Why is RAM used to store data for short time - it is volatile
(4) MS office - application software.
(5) Which is an OS - ms windows, office, excel

(6) Which keys to delete a file permanently in windows - shift+delete
(7) Which is an input device - microphone, speaker, plotter, printer
(8) Arrange in ascending order - character, field, record,file,database
(9) What input can be read optically where lines of light and dark shades are used - barcode, strike etc
General Awareness
(1) Turkey capital - Ankara
(2) Who coined the slogan 'Jai Hind'?Netaji Subhas Chandra Bose
(3) SBI tag line- The Nation banks on us; Pure Banking Nothing Else; With you all the way
(4) Swimming Bronze medal winner- Sandeep Sejwal
(5) NSDL - National Securities Depository Limited
(6) Santi swaroop Prize in Mathematical Sciences -Dr Kaushal Kumar Verma.
(7) Cabinet Urban dev and Parliament minister- Venkaiah Naidu
(8) Vatican city currency euro but not included in -european union.
(9) Bank celebrate 150 years with sri lanka is- sbi
(10) cheque amount written is called exchange of notes done by customer
(11) Overnight money needed by bank from RBI on which rate bases- Marginal Standing Facility.
(12) CPI full fom- Consumer Price Index.
(13) Lowest density ratio state according to census 2011- Arunachal Pradesh
(14) Cabinet Urban minister-
(15) NEFT to Nepal
(16) Why RTGS used
(17) which key used for permanent delete

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