Profile of Bank Clerk

Eligibility Criteria :- Commonly, Bank clerks are required to be Intermediate pass (or equivalent such as a diploma) within an age group of 18-28 Yrs. However, some banks ask for graduates in age group of 20-30 yrs. also (Although rarely so). So candidates should carefully examine the notification before applying for any clerk job to make sure they meet the eligibility criteria. Knowledge of computer is always preferred.

Job Description :- Bank clerks handle various tasks that include Financial, personnel, Interest and accounts administration, Security and many more.

  • Account clerks are responsible for opening and closing of customer accounts.
  • Exchange clerks are responsible for managing translations of amount from one currency to another during transactions.
  • Interest clerks keep track of interests involving those due on savings account customers and interests owed to the bank on loans and other investments.
  • Statement Clerks are responsible for creating monthly balance sheets for checking customer account activities. Balance sheets reflect the transactions done over the last month.
  • Loan Clerks organize information about currently running Loans.
  • Security clerks are responsible for maintaining security of confidential transactional data. They keep track of various bonds, investment documents and other confidential data.
  • Besides these basic clerk job profiles, bank clerks also do other administrative tasks such as data entry, typing customer letters and other important tasks.

Pay Scale :- Bank clerks are currently getting paid in a pay scale of Rs. 7200 – 19300/ Month (Approx Rs. 13,500/Month). The pay will increase as the next pay revision occurs.

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