The Commandments of Salary Negotiation

Answering the salary expectation question right might be the wrong answer.
Just because they know your current salary or salary expectations doesn't mean you can't negotiate for a fair market value.
They will want you to reveal your salary history, but hold fast, and win the job offer before you establish your salary negotiation.
Saying ''OK'' or ''yes'' to the first salary offer can leave thousands of dollars on the table.
Ask yourself, ''What range would the company have to pay to find someone like me?''

Many compensation packages can be increased by negotiating for benefits.
In some types of negotiations, purchasing a car for instance, ''playing it cool'' pays off. Not in a salary negotiation.
Should you negotiate at all when the economy is slow and companies are feeling the pinch?
When you survey the salary landscape, seek the highest common ground.
If you're not at least a little embarrassed by the size of your first proposal for compensation, you're not negotiating right.


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