Shape Area Perimeter
Circle                           ∏ (Radius)2 2∏(Radius)
Square                         (side)2 4(side)
Rectangle                    length*breadth                        2(length+breadth)
1. Area of a triangle = 1/2*Base*Height or
2. Area of a triangle = √ (s(s-(s-b)(s-c)) where a,b,c are the lengths of the sides and s = (a+b+c)/2
3. Area of a parallelogram = Base * Height
4. Area of a rhombus = 1/2(Product of diagonals)
5. Area of a trapezium = 1/2(Sum of parallel sides)(distance between the parallel sides)
6. Area of a quadrilateral = 1/2(diagonal)(Sum of sides)
7. Area of a regular hexagon = 6(√3/4)(side)2
8. Area of a ring = ∏(R2-r2) where R and r are the outer and inner radii of the ring.


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