How to become a Marine Engineer after doing Mechanical Engineering?

If you are a mechanical engineer and wish to get a job in the merchant navy, then you can do so by becoming a marine engineer using your mechanical engineering degree.

Mechanical and marine engineering courses have several subjects in common and this makes it easier for a mechanical engineer to get an additional degree in marine and open new doors of opportunities.

Moreover, with the present shortage of maritime professionals in the shipping industry and lack of quality mechanical engineering jobs in the market, taking up marine engineering is an ideal choice for those already having a degree in mechanical engineering.

How to Become a Marine Engineer?

The best part of pursuing a marine engineering degree after mechanical engineering is that you don’t have to go through the four years of rigorous engineering training, which a marine engineer has to go through. All you need is a one year specialized course.

A one year Graduate Marine Engineering (GME) course after mechanical engineering would give students the licence to enter merchant navy. This one year GME course is all you need to become a marine engineer after doing mechanical engineering.

Eligibility Criteria

However, there are certain requirements which one should satisfy in order to join the one year marine engineering course. They are as follows:

Graduation in BE (Mechanical) Engineering / Naval Architecture with minimum marks of 50% in final year

Must have minimum 50% marks in English language at 10th or 12th or in Degree Exam.

Must not be more than 28 years old

Should satisfy all health requirements that are necessary to join the merchant navy. To know more about the medical health requirements, read Physical Fitness and Medical Requirements to Join Merchant navy.

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