Career In Marine Engineering

Apart from remaining within the Shipping or Related Industry (National & International Shipping Companies, Marine Workshops, Surveying Concerns, Navy, Diesel Engine Manufacturers etc) on shore based jobs, the marine Engineers today are occupying important & key positions in varied & diversified industries - from IT Sector, to Consultancy Organizations such as PriceWaterhouse Coopers & DCL, to Brick & Morter Companies - Power, Steel, Electronics / White Goods, to Service Sector organizations like Hotel Industry etc. A few have also joined the Indian Government Services.

A vast many with entrepreneurship skills, are very successfully running their own business establishments too. Needless to say, the Savings Potential while at the Merchant Navy, has assisted in setting up their own business establishments.

While many Marine Engineers have dedicated their post-Merchant Navy services to Academic Institutions related to Marine Engineering, a number of them also hold enviable & highly respected positions in Technical Schools & Colleges overseas.


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