TCS Interview Experience and Learnings -3


Now if you are Alive Even after All these tests….then you have to face a Technical Interview… It may be on the same day of the Test.. so be Prepared in Advance…..

The Interview will be done by a Panel of 2 members…. No need to worry.. They will be Very supporting & Friendly.. First they ask us to Introduce ourselves… then they’ll go into your project details… don’t forget to prepare project…. They mainly concentrate on your project only…so be confident on every aspect of your project… then you should have some basic knowledge on C language. There will be some questions like “what is the o/p of this code?”, “what are the errors in the code?” that… so be prepared for all the basic concepts.. If needed you have to write some small codes too.. at the end they will ask some general questios like “Why TCS?”, “Where do you see yourself in the next five years?”, “do you have any questions?”, try ask some questions… it shows your interest in the Company..


Now if Chase this one too…. Then comes your Final Attack.. the HR Round… I many times heard
that “I failed in HR round!”..  likewise anwers…. But you should not fail in it.. because it involves
no technical questions… it just dwell into your innerself… so, be confident and frank while facing
this round…They generally ask questions like “Tell about yourself?”, “Who r your role models?”,
“What is your weakness?”, don’t say “I Have no weakness!”, just prepare a small weakness for
yourself that causes no harm to your future…O.K.. “What is your mother tongue?”

if your Academic background is good.. be prepared to face some Techies here too….

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