TCS Interview Experience and Learnings -1

Technical round:

Members of my panel were really cool. After greeting they asked me to describe myself (educations especially).All the projects were discussed in detailed. Algorithms used in projects. In V.B. do the function Validate gets executed first or lost focus. Which java server did you used?
They also asked about my hobbies? The games I like to play? Why do you want to join TCS? Why TCS has been in news nearly for last one month? Where do you see yourself in 3-5 years? What do you like at TCS? The environment do you like to work? What was your position in class? You had such good %age in your MCA then why so less in graduation? Do you know anything about TCS? What do you mean by CMM level 5?
Do you know we have a bond of 2 years and we can send you to any of our centers if you got selected? Do you have any problem in that? We also have a medical round if some one is not able to clear our offer would be canceled?
Do you have any questions? I asked that what are there future plans to achieve there mission “To be under global top 10 till 2010”.

HR round:
Here I was asked two physics Questions which I was not able to answer. Then they asked about my on year gap in studies. Algorithm used in my final semester project. My family business. What are the by-products of sugar? we have a bond of 2 years and we can send you to any of our centers if you got selected it is not that if we are having test conducted at Lucknow center so you will be offered to work here. Do you have any problem in that?



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