Satyam Interview Experience and Learnings -2

No. Of questions : 15, Duration : 30 mins

1) 5 persons with relationships of taller and shorter. To find who is The tallest.

2) four questions were like a paragraph and answers derived from the Para. We have to chose which one which suits the best.

6)a 25'x45' lawn. A 2 foot lawn cutter. How many the person covers by Moving the lawn cutter 1 1/2 rounds.

7)one person was moving in a car to his home at 30 mph. At certain Distance the car broke down. Then he reached home by catching a Truck which moved 20 mph. How far is his house from the place of Breakdown.

8)the difference between the smallest square of a number consisting of All digits 1..9.And the largest of the same.

9)two sets x and y to be formed from numbers and some set of conditions Were given.

10)players from five games like cricket, batminton etc and .....Conditions given for the formation of team and we have to choose the Answer

11)a table of nos were given think 4x4. We have to choose which no.Does not fit in the table.

12)two colours of socks blue,gray are present in a box kept in a dark Room. What Is the probability that the chosen pair of socks would be one a grayPair.

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