Placement Papers - TCS - Verbal - Synonyms 3

Synonyms -
1.Moribund – declining, dilapidated, waning
2.Repudiate – reject, disclaim, renounce, deny
3.Translucent – transparent, semi- transparent, lucid, lucent, clear, see through
4. Mitigate- alleviates, lessen, ease, alley, tune down, dull, Assuage
5. Inundate – flood, overwhelm, swamp, submerge
6. Bilk – deceive, trick, swindle, con

7.Nettle – annoy, irritate, vex
8.Impugn – hold responsible, charge, censure, accuse
9. Mulch
10.Tenacity – stubbornness, resolve, firmness, persistence, insistence, determination
11.Sobriety – temperance, moderation, abstemiousness, soberness
12.Degrade – shame, disgrace, mortify, humiliate
13.Hidebound - narrow-minded, conservative, prejudiced
14.Waif – stray, sole, thing
15.Hamper – basket, hinder
16.Retrograde – nostalgic, retrospective, traditional and conservative
17.Despondent – hopeless, low, dejected
18.Debacle – disaster, tragedy, catastrophe
19.Nebulous – vague, hazy, unformulated, tenuous
20.Inconsistent – conflicting, contradictory, unreliable , incompatible, inhoherent
21.Paradox – inconsistency, irony, absurdity


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