Placement Papers - TCS - Verbal - Synonyms 12

timid - lack of self confidence
VORACIOUS -ravenous, glutonous,  insatiable, avid,
hungry, greedy
Irksome -annoying, tiresome,exaspirating
remonstrate - protest;
whimsical  -capricious, un-predictable, unusual
retrograde -move backward,degenerate.
veracious - truthfull
glib - fluent
rubble - broken stone.
quixotic - extravagantly idealistic;  impractical
ameliorate - improve
misanthrope - hater of humanity, pessimist
platitude - trite remark
Foray -raid,incursion,venture,sortie,attack,assault
scatny - meager,insufficient
Frugality - Economy
multilingal - many languages
arid - dry
cognizant - knowledge
latitude - freedom from narrow limitations
inimical - adverse,hostile
cliche - trite _expression

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