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1     The closing of the resturant by Mr.X on SEPT 1 was considered an unfinancial one, as the weather
remained unusually clear and sunny for another one month. An author who criticizes the act of Mr. X
would be proved wrong if the following was true??
ANS choice a) the weather did not usually remained fine after SEPT 1.
2     SUSAN works in a company who has restricted its employees  from smoking cigerrates in the canteen.
As susan is the employee of the company she does not smoke cigerrate in the canteen.Which of the following
unused phrases strengthens the rules of the company??                          
ANS the employees normally do not do the work for which the company has forbidden them to do.
3    A q's on family relation was given like How many sons X has, I P is the daughter of X ,II some condt., III some
condt.  ANS al I ,II, III together are not sufficient. 
4    A q's in which a name KAPIL is given he visits manoj's home.some condts given. ANS b)
5    A,B,C,D are the 4 plays which are organised starting from tuesday.find the day on which C was this
2 condt. will be given as  , I.....................,  II....................,  ANS both I and II
6    A quest on crypto graphy like 
.    .................... .is A=, find the other values. practice these types of quest.
7.   A question on race was given.hell lot of condts.finally they make a team for 4*100 metres medaly.
ANS E none of the above                                                          
8.   Piggy backing is a technique for a) Flow control b) sequence c) Acknowledgement d) retransmition
ans: c piggy backing
9..   The layer in the OST model handles terminal emulation   a) session b) application c) presentation d) transport
ans: b application
10  ans: a odd numbers of errors
11.  In signed magnitude notation what is the minimum value that can be represented with 8 bits
a) -128 b) -255 c) -127 d) 0 ANS a)
12   c 20(no of address lines in 1MB of memory)
13    A 120(25 hz processor,what is the time taken by the instr which needs 3 clock cycles)
14    B synchronise the access(semaphores used for)                                          
15   A system call(context switching is used in)
16   B the operating system(mapping of virtual to physical address)
17   A 177333(conversion of HEX "0xFEDB"in octal)
18   D used as a network layer protocall in network and windows(OLE) system
19   B has to be unique in the sub network(internet address)
20.  There is an employer table with key feilds as employer no. data in every n'th row are needed for a simple
following queries will get required results.
a) select A employe no. from employe A , where exists from employe B where A employe no. >= B employe
having (count(*) mod n)=0
b) select employe no. from employe A, employe B where A employe no. >= B employ no. grouply employe no.
having  (count(*)  mod n=0 )
c) both a& b    d)none of the above                                                                   
21 . type duplicates of a row in a table customer with non uniform key feild customer no. you can see
a) delete from costomer where customer no. exists ( select distinct customer no. from customer having count )
b) delete customer a where customer no. in (select customer b where custermer no. equal to b custemor no.)
and a rowid > b rowid c) delete customer a where custermor no. in ( select customer no. from customer a,
customer b ) d) none of the above
22.  which feature in ANSI C but not in JAVA.??ANS variable arguments.
23.  preprocessor does not do one of the following??ANS type checking.
24.  long int size  a) 4 bytes b) 2 bytes c) compiler dependent d) 8 bytes
ans: compiler dependent
25.  x=2,y=6,z=6 x=y==z;
printf(%d",x) ?ANS 1                                                                           
26.  class c : public A,publicB
a)  2   members in class a,b can have member functions with same name.
b)  2   members in class a,c can have member functions with same name.   c)both     d)none(ANS)
27.  What will be the out put of the  following program
char *p;
ANS compilation error                                                                   

28.  a=(10,15), b=10,15 what are the values of a & b in ANSI C  ANS 15,10
29     main()
int x=10,y=15,z=16;
30           f(n) f(x)
else f(x-1)+x;
find the value of fn(5)? ANS 15.
31       struct {
int det;
struct prevoius;
struct new;
delete(struct node)
one element will be given.  ANS::it does not work when rp is the last element in the link list.
32A code will be given which searches a particular char in the string. ANS:: it always works.
33.     main()
int var =25,varp;
varp p=10;
ANS::55,55 (check this out)
34.    #define VALUE 1+2
printf("%d and %d\n",VALUE/VALUE,VALUE*3);
ANS:: 5,7
35What is the value assigned to the variable a if b is 7 a=b>8?b<<2:b>4?b>>1:b; ANS::3
36.the value of the following expr (2^3)+(a^a) is a) 1 b)2 c) 3 d) insufficient data
37 which of the following is not basic data type ANS char*                                     
38. the declaration of the variable does not result in one of the following ANS allocatrion of the storage space for the
39. in C parameters are passed by ANS:: value only.                                                
40. 2 variables cannot have the same name if they are ANS:: in the same block.
41.a static funct. say s(),in as file f.c can be invoked from ANS all functs. in f.c after the definitions of s.
42.macros and functions do not differ in the following aspects ANS::variable no of arguments. q's in which he will give some different forms of   STRCPY function you will have to find out which form is

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