Placement Paper- Satyam -3

1: A goat is tied up by a 14 m rope at a corner of a grass filled square plot having side of 15m. Calculate the amount of the square plot that he can graze and he can't.
ans:171m , 54m(check it)

2: 53x73=24, 61x15=56, 87x23=15, 42x24=?
ans: 26 ( 4-2=2,2+4=6)

4: a simple question based on a dislikes d, g dislikes d etc then if
a group is formed taking 5 of them.then
a: a must be there
b: b must be there
ans: b

5: a and b starts walking at the same time. a walks towards north @  x kmph b walks toward east @ y kmph. what will be the distance
between them after 6 hrs?
ans: none of these

6: if in a group 66 handshakes are being made then how many persons are there?
ans: 12(nC2=66)

7: a very simple question on profit and loss

8: father is x year older than mother. mother is y year older then if after 8 year son age become 18 what is the present age of father?


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