Placement Paper - NUMERICAL ABILITY - Grapecity

1. A salesman marks an item 60% above the cost price & offers 2 successive discounts of 25% & 15% on the marked price. His profit is:
a. 15%    b 2%    c 7.5%        d. 10        e. none

2.Had it been sold at 55% loss, SP would have been Rs. 10.80. The C.P is;
a. Rs 26    b. 28        c. 36        d.24        e. none
3. If 18 men can build a wall 140 mtrs. In 42 days . In how many days can 15 men be able to construct a similar wall 100 mtrs . long??
a. 36            b. 60        c. 60        d. 33        e. none
4. Successive discounts of 15% & 20% on any goods amount to a total discount of :
a. 50 %    b. 35%        c, 34%        d.32 %          e.none
5. In a km race A beats B by 40 m or 7 secs. A’s time (in secs) over the cource  is:
a.180 b. 280 c. 168 d. 175 e. none

7. A widow & a son are to receive Rs 20000 and Rs 10,000 respectively frm inheritance of Rs. 70,000. The rest is 2 be divide so that the widow recives 3/2 times as much of it as the son. Then the amnt received by (widow,son) pei9r in thousands of rs. Is:
a. (44,26) b. 42,28 c. 40,30 d. 45,30 e. none

8.the demand for a commodity linearly decreases by 0.5 unit for each unit increase in price & it vanishes when the price is set at 60 . The supply of the commodity vanishes when the price is set at 25 & equals the square root of the price in excess of this threshold price. Then the equilibrium at which the supply coincides with the demand is:
a. 45
b. 50
c. 55
d. 62+/-3 under-root86
e. none

9. gre type column questions:
area of triangle pqs is 45:
PQ=12        P   


Col. A :   length of segment  PS
COL. B:  Length of SR

a. if A is greater
b. if B is greater
c. if both equal
d. d. can’t determined

10.Col. A:   (0.82)^2(0.82)^3
Col. B: (0.82)^6

11. t is a positive integer
4/7 = t/s

Col. A: s
Col. B:  7

12. Col. A  1-1/27
Col. B: 8/9+1/81

13…. 14. these types simple (-0.64)^4       & (-0.6)^3

M/c A produces x units of output per hour, while m/c B produces x units of output every 1.5 hrs.

17. How many hrs. does it take 2 produce x units of o/p , with both m/cs A &B working together??
a. (4x +!)/4x
b. 5/4
c. 3/(5x)
d. 3/5

18. 4 more m/cs are installed with their capacities lying betn those of m/cs A & B . Wchi of the following ca’t be the average no. opf hrs. per m/c for producing x units of output?
a. 1.05
b. 1.15
c. 1.25
d. 1.35

Problem Solving (19-21)

19. if 0<st<1 , then which of the following can be true?
a. s<-1 & t>0
b. s<-1 & t<-1
c. s>-1& t<-1
d. s>1 & t<-1
e. s>1 & t>1

20. To reproduce an old photograph , a photographer charges x dollars to make negative , 3x/5 dollars for each of the first 10 prints, & x/5 dollars for each print in excess of 10 prints . If $45  is the total charge to make a negative & 20 prints from an old photograph, what is the value sof x?
a. 3
b. 3,5
c. 4
d. 4.5
e. 5

21. A certain cake reciope states that the cake shud be baked ina pan 8 inches in diameter . If Jules want to make a cake of the same depth but 12 inches in diameter , by what factor shud he multiply the recipe ingredients?
a. 2 & half
b. 2 & one-fourth
c. 1 & half
d. 1 & 4/9
e. 1 & a/3

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